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Voluntary sports clubs have a big impact on the local community. There are about 150,000 voluntary sports clubs in the UK, 46% of which have been in existence for 30+ years. Between 12.5-14% of the population are members of a voluntary sports club. Voluntary sports clubs like Croygas make a substantial contribution to the community by providing the opportunities for social interaction both for volunteers and participants.

They allow people in the local area to get together and socialize with each other which can have a successful impact on the community because people can make new friends and go out and enjoy themselves. This creates a friendly atmosphere within the voluntary clubs which is important because it will attract more people to come and play sports at the club.

Croygas Sports Club has a massive impact on the community in that they believe in having the correct ethics and values that will allow everyone from all age, sex, and race to join the club.

Voluntary sports clubs encourage members to show respect for each other, fair play, equal opportunity and they encourage members to enjoy themselves. This will have a positive impact on the community because people will be more encouraged to come and join these clubs that have equal opportunity for everyone. This could have a successful impact on the children that get bullied because of their race, religion etc.

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Croygas will give them the same opportunity as anyone else because they believe that it is important to give everyone equal opportunity to enjoy playing the sport that they love.

How the Club Handles Sports And Money

Croygas is a very successful club and it has a very high reputation for the level of football that is played. There are around about 40-50 adult members at the club, all of which play for the football and cricket teams at the club. Of these adult, a large majority of them use the bar area after matches to have a drink and socialise with other team members of the squads, and some of the squads arrange meals after the matches where they invite the players and their wives to come and dine with each other. More than half of these players have good access to the facility because they all live in the local area. Therefore they can get to the facility easily and they can use the facility as often as possible. Also because of the clubs friendly environment, they will come more often than not to meet new people and socialise.

The club benefit financially from the amount of people using the bar. They will take in a lot of money from the public using the bar especially on match days when the bar area will be more packed out with players and their families. Also the amount of money that they receive from sponsorship and membership fees all adds up. This money believe it or not is of great benefit to the community, because with this money the club can refurbish parts of the club and improve the clubs grounds, changing rooms etc. The community will benefit from using a highly developed club and they will enjoy a club that is better decorated and looked after.

Croygas is a very successful club, the football teams are doing very well in the top leagues at all age groups. And due to this success, parents have recognised this and feel that they should send their child to this club and therefore the Croygas now has a big youth setup. The improvement in the grounds and equipment and qualified coaches has been beneficial to the club, because it has seen an increase in the amount of players in the youth teams wanting to develop at the club. There are around 80-90 junior players currently playing football, cricket and badminton at this club. That’s about 160 parents that will some time visit the club and socialise. The fact that the parents come to the club and take their children is beneficial because it gives the parents an opportunity to meet the other parents of the squad. Also the children will develop new friends also and they too can learn to socialise as well as playing football.

P2- Identify the funding, procedures and systems that are successfully used in voluntary sector sports clubs. Voluntary sports clubs are funded in a number of ways. They receive annual subscription fees from players from the teams which help massively with the teams buying the equipment that they need. When I was a member at the club, because the pitches at Croygas aren’t not a good standard we had to hire pitches else where. Also we had to rent out the training facilities, pitches, buy corner flags and linesmen flags, and goal nets, kit and tracksuits.

Match fees- People that play in the team matches have to pay a match fees, this is usually �5-�10 depending on the importance of the match or the club. The club will make a lot of money through this because they might have a lot of teams in the club like cricket teams, football teams etc and these teams are usually about a 15 man squad. Grants from governing body such as F.A. will give money to these voluntary sports clubs in order to help the clubs with the funding. Because the government believes in giving opportunity to these clubs, they want to help them create the right conditions for people to use and enjoy using the clubs so the government is giving there full trust to these clubs to use the money wisely.

The clubs will get sponsorship deals and the sponsorship companies in return will get advertisement from these clubs. Also lottery funding will help a club with major projects such as flood lighting on pitches, refurbish changing rooms etc. Also clubs set up fund raising events to help the club to raise money e.g. race nights, dinner dance, BBQs, quiz nights, fete, and club days such as 5-a-side football tournaments. These are to help out for projects that the club wants to do. The government gives money to these voluntary sports clubs e.g. loans, grants. A club might decide to take out a loan from the government in order to cover for the costs of running the club, buying all the equipment, keeping the place neat and tidy etc. the club however will have to pay the government back and they can do this by paying it monthly or annually.

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