Water in Nature Questions and Answers

Describe the water cycle ?
Water constantly moves among the oceans the atmosphere the solid Earth and the biosphere
Plants release water into the atmosphere through a process called ?
Balance in the water cycle means that ?
average annual precipitation over Earth equals the amount of water that evaporates
The ability of a stream to erode and transport material depends largely on its ?
The single most important erosion agent on Earth is ?
Along straight stretches of a stream channel the highest velocities of water are found in what part of the stream ?
near the water surface in the center of the stream
If you were to examine the profile of a typical stream you would probably find that the gradient is ?
The gradient should be steepest near the head
Base level is ?
The base level of a river or stream is the lowest point to which it can flow,
What is the ultimate base level of a stream ?
The elevation down to which a river has the ability to erode its bed everywhere along its course.

Most streams carry the largest part of their load ?
Describe the suspended load of a stream
Fine materials can be suspended in the water and are carried away in such a method. These particles are too light to sink to the bottom of the fast moving river. Suspension load forms the largest part of the river load. Materials that can be suspended include silt, mud and clay.
A depositional feature that forms where a stream enters a lake or ocean ?
A natural levee is ?
landforms that parallel some streams
In a stream channel what will be deposited first ?
gravel sized particles
The flat portion of a valley floor adjacent to a stream channel is called ?
A floodplain
The most prominent features of a narrow V-shaped valley where the stream profile drops rapidly are ?
What type of stream valley would form in a mountainous area ?
A narrow V-shaped valley.

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A drainage basin is ?
An area that drains into a single water stream or reservoir.
Groundwater is found underground in the zone of ?
Permeable rock layers or sediments that transmit fluids through interconnected pore spaces ?
The percentage of the total volume of rock or sediment that consists of pore spaces is called ?
What is the measure of a materials ability to transmit fluids through interconnected pore spaces ?
When groundwater enters underground fractures or caverns in hot igneous rocks where it is boiling temperatures what feature can form ?
What are the major sources of groundwater pollution ?
overuse and contamination threatens groundwater supplies
Describe stalactites ?
a deposit, usually of calcium carbonate, shaped like an icicle, hanging from the roof of a cave or the like, and formed by the dripping of percolating calcareous water.
Sinkholes can form when ?
Sinkholes are formed when the supporting water table runs dry and the ground no longer has this strata to stand on.
What features are associated with karst topography ?
Carbonic acid with limestone
The average annual precipitation worldwide must equal the quantity of water ?
Describe a streams discharge ?
a streams discharge is the excess water from a storm or melted snow
What features are found in a wide valley
Natural Levees; Broad floodplains
One major cause of floods is ?
People cut trees for developing makes the land surface lose the protection of vegetations and less vegetation are left to absorb the rainwater.then silting will be more serious and rainwater is washed into the rivers more quickly.Wrong farming methods and overgrazing also speed up loss of soil.
One traditional flood control method has been to attempt to keep the streams flow within its channel by creating ?
Describe the zone of saturation ?
area that is filled with water
Any formation in which groundwater rises on its own under pressure ?
if the water rises above the surface without any help, it’s an artesan well
Caverns most commonly form in what type of bedrock ?
How is the water cycle balanced ?
As water is deposited on land, water from rivers flows into the ocean. As the air becomes humid from over-saturation, it forms clouds and it rains. As the air becomes less humid, it can evaporate more water
What type of valley is characterized by waterfalls,rapids,and stream that is primarily eroding downwards ?
What river has the largest drainage basin in North America ?

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