Many factors play a role in an individual’s success in life. The environment one is raised in also holds substantial value. The environment provides exposure to things that will, in turn, develop determination. Although the environment is important, determination is crucial. There are many people in the world who experienced horrible environments growing up; yet, they became incredible successes. Even though an individual may not come from an ideal environment, there are many other factors that will determine how successful he or she will be in life.

The movie The Blind Side illustrates this perfectly. The environment that an individual grows up in definitely plays a role in the shaping of his future and success. Michael Oher was not lacking determination; he had no concept of what it was. As a result of the environment of his upbringing, Michael knew nothing else but the projects, Child Protective Services, and neighborhoods that were laden with violence and riddled with drugs. He started this journey as a child in many ways.

When Michael was provided the necessary environment, he immediately developed determination. The right environment opened Michael’s eyes to a completely new world. Above all, the Tuohys did not give Michael the tools; they helped him apply the tools he had. Unquestionably, determination is more important than environment. An individual in the best environment cannot ever be successful without determination. Michael’s determination stemmed from him being immersed in the right environment, and as he became more successful, his determination increased.

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As Michael progressed through the school year, his grades slowly improved; but after Miss Sue began tutoring him, his grades drastically improved. Granted that Michael may have been in the right environment for success, but without his determination, he would not have achieved what he did. Even though Michael was provided an extraordinary environment and fantastic opportunities, without his tremendous determination, he would not have been anywhere near as successful as he is. At the same time, there are several factors that have made me successful in my life.

The strongest factor would be determination; of course, environment surely plays a role as well. In fact, without the advantages provided by the environment, things might be drastically different. The environment also provided guidance, and with this guidance, came motivation. Specifically, my entire family is helping me attend school, and their aid is in the form of guidance and motivation. Being eager to learn has always been a strength of mine as well. Learning from my mistakes and the mistakes of those around me, above all, has proven to be extremely important in achieving success.

All in all, guidance and motivation from my family, being determined and learning from mistakes has helped me affect my life. Prior to watching the movie The Blind Side, my impression was that environment was not nearly as important as determination; consequently, since watching this movie, it is clear that environment may be as essential as determination. It is as a result of the proper environment that we are provided so many other life necessities such as guidance, motivation, and opportunities.

What if Michael had turned down the Tuohys offer for help? Surely, Michael still would have escaped the projects, but definitely would not have been as successful as he is now. He might have ended up like his friend David, who was shot and died on his 21st birthday. To summarize, it was the convergence of many components: the Touhys providing the right environment, opportunities, guidance, and motivation and Michael’s ferocious determination that has culminated into Michael Oher deservedly achieving great successes in his life.

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