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Essay on “Blind Faith”

Everyone should spread to the Internet any, even the most intimate information, otherwise the society will start to despise you

People now live solely for pleasure. They no longer go to work every day – why, if there is the World Wide Web, which is now available to everyone? The priests teach that marriage is necessary to enter many times – if God would have it, it is a joyful event, why it should happen in life only once? All this does not raving mad.

Such a future has drawn Ben Elton in his novel “blind faith.” It will come in 2084. Apparently, first come to an end, and then a new era will begin in 2012. People will think we have representatives of the era monkeys Darwin’s theory has become the most forbidden book. Feelings and common sense recede into the background. World opletet World Wide Web …

Blind Faith Review

Place seniors on the house will take moderators intrahouse chats, the cult of pleasure became so powerful now that children are given the names of Snickers, Marmeladka …

Do you think it was the paradise a life? Not at all.

infant mortality has increased by several dozen times because vaccinations are considered the greatest sin. For this you can suffer a terrible punishment … People like the blind. They have forgotten how to think. Only very afraid of losing your rankings …

Although, in this world there is still lucid minds. One Trafford. The man does not want to flaunt their personal lives, it outraged many modern orders.

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He even secretly makes her daughter vaccinated to keep her alive during the next epidemic. Trafford is not alone. Dissidents around a lot. For example, among colleagues. One of them – Sandra Dee. Trafford falls in love with this mysterious girl who also prefers to conceal information about themselves …

At this point I probably will stop retell the content. I will add only one thing: do not wait for the end of the standard. It will not be. Anyway, I was Elton once again surprised.

I want to say a little about another. Recently, the topic of the coming end of the world and what kind of life will come after, the subject of many books and films. Perhaps this is a signal to reflect and to try to correct at least some of what we had to do in the world. Before it is too late.

• The people had everything they need, they threw it as unnecessary. Give it to them again, and they all throw again. All our history – one big proof that the human race does not deserve brains, which are given to him by nature .

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