The Blind Side by Bella Nunez

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The Blind Side (2009) by John Lee Hancock focuses on the reality of a white privileged upper-class women (Leanne-Tuohy) taking in a black African American teenage boy (Michael Oher). This film is recognition to the original Leanne-Tuohy, who adopted a child of a different colour which was not commonly known for the society and culture then.

This film following the story of a homeless and under privileged boy who turns into a famous football offense player. Starting from nothing and working towards having everything, all because of the loving support he gained from the Tuohy family. The first football game that Michael ever plays is important because he has family support and people in his life who care. There is a lead up in the beginning of this film where Michael must practise and work hard to understand the game of Football.

The black to white ratio of football players were rare back then as not many had the chance nor opportunities to play.

The scene begins with a long shot from the football stands, along with Hugh who is the coach and Michaels team mates (mise-en scene). The field is pitched black besides the light poles and the music is strong and unsettling and is meant to provoke the anger and to enhance the emotions of the game. After the long shot camera angel, there is a scene of Michael and his opponent, it is 3604260000important because Michael is preparing himself for the start of the game, as he shuts his eyes the noise and the crowd goes silent for a split second.

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The facial expressions and actions of the opponent is of a cocky, arrogant individual whereas Michaels posture is not directly prepared to attack anybody. You can hear whistling, cheering, roaring and the coaches screaming across the field.

The colours of the uniforms imply the oppositions wearing red which gives the viewer the impression that they are strong and dominating whereas blue means peace, trust and tranquillity. It is a clear symbol, and Michael man handling his opponent, he pushes him away from the football. It is an interesting scene focusing after on the racial comments this opponent makes and continues throughout most of this scene. It comes to a point where Michael is just not winning and his opponent is getting to him by using his intimidating body language and saying that his coach isn`t around to protect him now, and this makes Big Mike feel alone and defenceless. The coach steeping in and standing up for Michael after he is tackled to the ground and then kicked in the head by his opponent. This proving that Michael is not alone and that when coach calls him as if he were his own son and that he would defend him. There is a close on Michaels face and his pleased expression lets us know as an audience that Michaels over joyed that somebody would stand up for him.

When Michael has had enough of the racial abuse, he finally pushes his opponent over the barrier wall during a full shot of half the field. You can hear 3903345000crackling and then a thump and then a split second of silence as the crowd captures what had just happened. There are two close ups shots on Leigh-Anne’s face as she turns around and tells the father of the opponent that Michael is her son and the coach`s face, this showing how astonished and taken back he was that Michael could physically do this as he was afraid of hurting any other players throughout the game. As Michael runs back towards coach there is a long shot/full shot of him high fiving Collins and she says way to go bro. When coach asks Michael where he was taking the opponent Michael says he just thought the opponent needed to go home. It is pleasing as a viewer to know that the racist antagonist in that scene was given a taste of his own medicine and through this ending the viewer feels as if they are there surrounded by the happy people cheering and full of excitement and appeasements that their team had won.

Michael Oher has changed the way football has been played over the years, he has given a bigger insight for coaches on different tactical ways to play football. The film industry took a huge hit at first, not believing this film could ever make it based off the cultural diversity and marketing viewers. The box office made $309.2 million dollars and afterwards the film industry took more chances and had less doubts. Michael has inspired others to follow their dreams, the Tuohy family especially Leigh-Anne Tuohy has been his main support. Defying other people’s judgments is important and this scene is what shapes the film. Michael Oher found the passion for football by himself. Leigh-Anne Tuohy never encouraged him until he went to her for encouragement.

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