The Blind Side Setting

This sample paper on The Blind Side Setting offers a framework of relevant facts based on the recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body and conclusion of the paper below.

The OTOH)/s provided Michael not only with a home and a kind loving family, but as well as a tutor to help him get he grades he needed to become eligible for the NCAA Divisions athletic scholarship (Hancock, 2009). Brotherliness’s study on the Ecological Theory says that the Microsystems is interpersonal relationships that are experienced by the person in a person-to-person setting where they interact with the individual on a daily basis (Frontbencher, IS.

, 1997, p. 39). In this movie the 2 main contexts that help shape Michaels development through the rest of his adolescents is his adoptive family and his teachers and coach at school.

These two contexts mix into the category, which Frontbencher considered he Microsystems as they in relation to Michael, shape the other as Michaels education improved greatly due to the support form his adoptive family.

In Kathy Winter’s study she measured the levels which students motivation was involved with the teachers dimensions (Went, K. , 2002, p. 290). In relation to The Blind Side, Michaels teacher Mrs.. Smith was the only one who first felt the need that she could help Michael understand the material and excel better in school.

She was the teacher who had gotten the majority of the teachers on board with the way she found that Michael was best able to empowered the material learned in class and which method turned out best when testing him on it.

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Ecological Theory The Ecological Theory is Erie Brotherliness’s view on adolescent development that focuses on the ways our social settings interact to help direct out development (McMahon & Thompson, 201 5, p. 30). The Ecological Theory is made up of 5 systems, the Microsystems, Microsystems, ecosystem, Microsystems and the chronometers (Clemson, 2014, September, 9).

The Blind Side Term Paper

The Microsystems is made up of individual’s immediate settings; meaning their family, school, peer group, and workplace. This system has the most influence on an adolescent when growing up, as they’re the people and things that they interact with face to face, on a regular basis (Frontbencher, IS. , 1 997, p. 39). The Microsystems is the link between contexts in the Microsystems (Frontbencher, U. , 1 997, p 40) and as said before, in this movie the link is Michaels family and his schooling. A study done by Epstein (AAA, 1 Bibb) was conducted on the developmental outcome of communication between parents and teachers.

It had been found that the effects of family and school ere larger than those concerning socioeconomic status or the race of students (Frontbencher, U. , 1997, p. 40). Michaels adoptive mother, Leigh Anne Tooth seen Michael walking down the road out in the cold one night, and insisted that he come stay at her house if he had no other place to go. She took charge in his life once he developed into the family instead of becoming just a guest in their home. She had bought Mike new clothes that he liked, as in the scene where they’re in a store Mike had shopped in before she told him “pick out whatever you think you’ll wear and I’ll buy it”.

When Mrs.. Tooth found out that Mike scored in the 98th percentile in protective instincts she figured it would be a good idea to get Michael into football to help channel his skill. When Michael finally understood the game, and big league coaches were scouting Michael, Mrs.. Tooth took it into her own hands to get Michael a tuition tutor to help him get the GAP he needed to get into the colleges that he could play in. The way Michael looked on life was greatly influenced by his mother Denies O’er. When she’d shoot up some form of drug when he was a child, she’d tell him to close his eyes so he wouldn’t tenets it.

After she was finished she’d count to 3 and tell Michael to open his eyes and tell him “the past is gone, the world is a good place and its all going to be okay. ” this later cam into play when Michael got into a fight with the leader of the tough guys from Hurt Village, and Michael got up and left the scene before anything escalated. Sean Junior Tooth (S. J. ) is the biggest factor in Michaels development as he was the one person who looked up to Michael the most. From day one before Michael was even brought into the Tooth home, S. J. Was friendly to Michael when no one else was.

On one of Mikes first days of school, he approached two little girls on the playground to just say hi to them and they ran off scared by him. S. J. Came over to Mike and told him that ” Smile at me’, it lets them know you’re their friend”. When the Typhus took Michael in, S. J. Took to Michael right away treating him like he was the big brother that he never had. When Mike was tying to understand the game of football, S. J. Was the one who took the time to make him understand it and helped him train outside of football practices, encouraging Mike every step of he way, making it fun for the two of them.

Teachers Expectations of Students In the school aspect of Michaels life, it became the one thing he striver for. Without school, he wouldn’t be able to enjoy the football career he later succeeded. The help of Michaels future Coach, Coach Cotton, is what got him into Winning Christian School; he had shown great interest in Michaels athletic abilities. From there on once he was accepted into the school, none of the teachers really seemed interested in helping Michael with the materials they were teaching they all assumed he was a ‘lost cause’.

In the study done by Kathy Went, she focused on many issues that were regarding colonization skills and school-related adjustment. Went hypothesized that students would identify the extent to which teachers interests in what they were teaching would help motivate students and their adjustment to school. The models that Went used for this study were subject matter and communicate aspects of control, maturity demands, democratic communication, and nurture (Went, K. R. , 2002, p. 289).

The findings in this study were that teachers, just like parents can be characterized with the colonization context in which they build for their students. Went also found that in the middle school classes, few students had described their teachers ad a friend or as a close relationship with them. But most of the students could recognize their teachers behave in the way that they care and can give personal support to the students. These positive outlook on teachers from the students, engaged them to have more interest in activities done in class (Went, K. R. , 2002, p. 297). Regarding this study, Mrs..

Smith who was he teacher that first realized that Michael is actually learning things, went about testing Michael in a different way that the rest of the students were tested. She gave Michael the tests orally and discovered that he was actually learning the materials. Once she shared this information with the other teachers they themselves become on board and helped Michael in the way that benefited him. With this encouragement and interest in Michael he himself excelled more to the best of his ability. When Michael was scouted for professional football teams, the Typhus realized he needed to come up room a 1. 6 GAP to a 2. 5 GAP and the only way they thought this was possible was to get Michael a private tuition tutor, Miss Sue. Miss Sue has such an interest in Michael as he had the potential to play for her own team, who was the same as the Touchy, Ole Miss. She spent hours working with Michael to help him bring his grades up to standard to be eligible to win the NCAA Divisions athletic scholarship. Conclusion Michael was reformed when he entered the Tooth family; he had a completely different lifestyle than the one he had always known.

His major influences were his family (Tooth family) and his schooling (Winning Christian School) and these both fall into the Microsystems form Brotherliness’s Ecological Theory. Both of these contexts are in the Microsystems because they both are interactions that Michael had to come face to face with everyday and generally what the whole movie was about. Without his family Michael wouldn’t have had the opportunities that he had when he was brought into the Tooth family as they helped push him to shape himself.

Along with this are the teachers from Winning Christian School, especially Mrs.. Smith who helped Michael learn and understand the materials in a different way that the teachers taught in school. Together, both of these contexts then fall into the Microsystems of the theory as they both link together in Michaels life, influencing the other. Without Michaels enrolment at the school, he more than likely wouldn’t have met the Tooth family and without the Tooth family Michael wouldn’t have found the encouragement to play football and excel his grades in school to make him into something.

The teachers influence on Michael was incredible, as well as his help from Miss. Sue. The teachers focused on ways to help Michael understand what they were teaching in school and without this interest in Michael, he himself wouldn’t have been encouraged to learn or even want to continue with school as he had no understand of any of it with no previous knowledge as every public school he attended the teachers failed him to pass him off to somebody else.

With the encouragement from his teachers Michaels grades bumped up from Ad’s and If’s to Co’s and higher. As well as Michaels time with Miss. Sue who tutored Michael his last year in high school to dramatically ring his GAP from a low standard to what it needed to be to be able to achieve a scholarship. She showed great interest in Michael as when he was about to give up hope on himself, she jumped in and gave him more hope.

When it came to write a final paper that would determine his final GAP she put all of her interest in Michael by helping him choose a topic that he himself was interested in and knew he could write beautifully. In relation to The Blind Side, Michael fit into Freeborn nerds Theory exceptionally well as he is the perfect example of both the Microsystems and the Microsystems at work. Without his interactions between the contexts describe, Michaels life wouldn’t have went any where, as no one would accept him.

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