The Blind Side Movie Analysis

The unsighted side follows the narrative of Michael Oher. a male child from. ‘Hurt Village’ in the lower side of Memphis. who lives a life of poorness until he is taken attention of and so adopted by the Tuoheys. a rich household who own a concatenation of Taco Bells. They help him better his classs and develop his NFL accomplishments until he earns a scholarship to Ole Miss University which helps him go a professional NFL participant. Belonging in The Blind Side:

During the class of The Blind Side.

Michael is transformed from a diffident male child life in poorness. into a extremely confident and successful sportswoman. This alteration was brought about with the support of the Tuohey household with whom he came to belong after they took attention of. so adopted him into their household. This household besides helped him interrupt off from the unsafe ‘lower class’ society in which he didn’t truly belong. as shown in the scene where he goes back after life with the Tuoheys and gets in a battle with the local pack ; and get down to belong to the ‘upper class’ society of Wingate which he antecedently didn’t belong to.

Thesis Statement The Blind Side

Throughout the movie Michael adopts the Tuohey household as his ain. as he didn’t belong to his biological household due to the deficiency of a male parent. and his mas drug jobs. as shown by the awful flashbacks he has of being forcefully separated from his female parent and brothers.

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Initially Michael rejects the efforts the Tuoheys make to assist him as he feels that he doesn’t belong with them due to their place in society and clamber coloring material. as shown by his organic structure linguistic communication. being conservative as he is ever rubbing his weaponries near to his organic structure. However after he is given a home base at thanksgiving. a immense gesture to him as he struggles for nutrient. he feels as though he belongs with them. This is subsequently confirmed after they include him in their household Christmas card. which is seen as unusual to others. like cousin Bobby who asks “Ya’ll know there’s a colored male child in your Christmas Card” . nevertheless the household don’t head and laugh it off as they know he is portion of their household.

Throughout the movie it is shown that Michael doesn’t belong in the lower category society where there are no aspirations to go successful. or the upper category society where there are these aspirations ; until he becomes portion of the Tuohey household. Early on in the movie Michael is shown to non belong amongst ‘lower class’ as when he is walking by himself along a way. kids from this society are playing with each all around him. demoing he doesn’t belong with them. When he goes to Wingate he is shunned by the white thickly settled as good. due to his size and clamber coloring material. “like a fly in the milk” .

He doesn’t belong as others ignore him and travel off from him when possible. as shown when he tries to speak to the two small misss on swings but they run from him. After the Tuoheys take him nevertheless in he learns how to belong with others in their society through improved organic structure linguistic communication. smiling more. and going better known through his sporting art. This is revealed when he talks the same two misss and they ask him to force them as they are no longer scared.

This shows how Michael was able to alter his life for the better because of a feeling of belonging giving him more assurance. so he could prosecute his dream of playing football professionally. It shows the power that belonging in a household has and how society is able to accept or reject its members.

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