Being deaf or being blind - what are the consequences

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Being having to choose between being deaf or being blind, I would gladly give up my hearing. Now some people might choose the latter which is fine, but being able to see the thing in the world is way more helpful in life than being able to hear sounds. We are in a world that revolves around being able to visualize the technology we have nowadays than being able to hear.

An advantage of being deaf is that I am able to see my love ones and I really would prioritize looking through albums of my family members, being able to see the world and all its satisfying flow of water than being able to hear my family speak or the flow of the water.

Another advantage of not being blind I can think of is being able to drive around. If I was blind I need assistance from someone to help me go where and I’m pretty sure its tough to find someone trustworthy to drive around and help with whatever is needed and it sounds pretty scary.

But if I could see I can drive myself around town, one of the downsides would be that I would not be able to hear cars honks for no reason, well I guess that would be obsolete in future with self-driving, and when emergency response services are honking I wouldn’t know about it until I can see their lights.

Another advantage for me would probably be able to read books and comics.

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It’s a pretty good way to get entertained and its something everyone learns to do. Nowadays, everyone spends their time on internet browsing and playing games, and since I want to get a degree in computer science and I was suddenly deaf suddenly it would not hinder what I want to do in life.

Now for the disadvantages, as I said before about not being able to hear around me is not good. But in public places, people not treating me properly would be a problem and they might be speaking behind my back and I would have no clue about it except read their expressions. In my job, it would be really difficult to participate in group meetings.

So in the end being, I would choose to be deaf than being blind. There’s so much I believe can be done being deaf in daily life such as driving, reading, daily life tasks are easier to do, and creating a list of pros and cons I thought they tipped the scale by a lot. As well as I would need less assistance and could hang out with others easily.

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