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Colic Miller Is chief executive officer of the International Council on Active Aglow. An award- winning writer, Miller has authored more than 100 articles on aging-related issues. Miller’s role of leading the International Council on Active Aging gives him the credibility of knowing how fitness affects the body, as well as how aging affects both body and mind.

In this article, Miller is qualified enough to make an ethical opinion, however his Image is not so strong that It would give the audience overwhelming encouragement to take his side In the argument.

HIS authority as head of one of the arrest fitness and wellness associations for seniors increases his ethos. The knowledge Miller possesses concerning health and aging makes him a credible enough author to bring concern to the idea that the perfect body could be detrimental to our health.

Through this credibility, Miller uses ethos to argue that modifying the body could send the wrong message to younger generations who should be focusing on Inner beauty. This source Is relevant to my research since I am focusing on plastic surgery addiction and give a solution to this problem by focusing on the true meaning of beauty.

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The Economist. Pots of Promise: The Beauty Business. ” Dynamic Argument, Deed. Robert Lam and Justine Everett. Houghton Muffling Company, 2007 This article was about all the different cosmetic companies and what they are doing to Increase profit and sales, This article shows you how much people will spend on beautifying their selves and how much people are obsessed with cosmetics.

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It also shows you how much people worry about how they look and how obsessed we have all become about what is on the outside rather then on the inside. Authors Justine Everett and Robert Lam tell the reader that the author of “Pots of Promise: The Beauty Business” Is anonymous. This description then goes on to explain that the article was pulled from The Economist, which Is a “newsweekly that focuses on world events-politics, business and finance, and science- that Influence[s] decision makers such as executives, financiers, managers, and government officials” (699). It is this explanation of The Economist, which gives the anonymous author credibility. His or her article was published for an educated crowd that that holds executive jobs, which makes the author reliable. This source gives some statistics that help provide Information for my research.

Anonymous. “lens Ana Plastic surgery. ” . WebMD, Inc. 2005-2007 This article is about all the teens who want to have plastic surgery. It talks about the risks involved and lets you know that Just by changing how you look you will not fix all of your problems. It also tells you the most widely occurring teenage procedures and gives a list of questions you need to ask yourself and your doctor before you go through with any procedures. WebMD. Com is a credible website. It offers credible and in-depth medical news, features, reference material, and online community orgasm.

People who monitor the website are board-certified physicians, award- winning Journalists, and trained community moderators. It is this information that makes the website credible. This source also helps provide facts and statistics in conducting my research. It also gives opinions from physicians. Morgan, Elizabeth. The Complete Book of Cosmetic Surgery. New York, NY: Warner Books, c 1988. This book is a guide to procedures for head, neck, breasts, body, and legs, written by a board-certified plastic surgeon. It explains the motives of the person considering urged, criteria for selecting a surgeon, and 25 cosmetic procedures.

Each report includes data on the operation and anesthesia, recovery, side effects, complications, and an honest appraisal of what the surgery can and cannot do. Jean Elizabeth Morgan, MD. PHD, is a plastic surgeon. Therefore, a credible person writes the book. Although, the book may be too broad for what I am researching but it helps in making some points about how plastic surgery is good sometimes. This book helps provide information when I want to write about the benefits of plastic surgery. Cooper, Andrea. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Make Me the Prettiest of Them All. ” Young and Modern.

May 1999: 60-64. This article examines the risks and rewards of cosmetic surgery to young women. It gives statistics showing the popularity of cosmetic surgery among young women; Myths about cosmetic surgery; Post-surgery blues. Andrea Cooper is a freelance journalist and essay writer in North Carolina. Andrea is a two-time winner of the Outstanding Article Award from the American Society of Journalists and Authors. She writes to various publications including, Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, Reader’s Digest, Parade, National Geographic News, Salon, Entrepreneur, and Details.

Her reputation among all these publications is an excellent indicator on how she is a credible source. This article will help give insight on what women would like to achieve from plastic surgery. Will they be satisfied? It also shows statistics on various subjects in plastic surgery. FL, Blue. Flesh Wounds: The Culture of Cosmetic Surgery University of California Press; New edition, 10 May 2005. Blue presents a very interesting view on the world of cosmetic surgery and its impact on the individual and society. She looks at society’s fascination with body transformation and from where it may have developed.

She refers to variety of media works to illustrate her ideas. Blue details the extensive research she carried out for ten KICK Ana ten ascriptions AT near serration In ten operating denatures are thorough. As a former cosmetic surgery patient herself she holds the interesting position as a critical reviewer of the practice as well as a former subject. This book presents interesting ideas that could help me in my research, although it may be broad. However, it will touch on subjects that are related to plastic surgery addiction. Plastic Surgery Research. Info, website , 2008. This website provides information on various plastic surgeries. It also gives statistics regarding plastic surgery and has information about risks and complications on each procedure page. Pictures of before and after for each procedure is also provided. The website is sponsored by a number of board certified cosmetic surgeons that are located in many states in the US. Thus, providing information from medical doctors is sure to be reliable when conducting a research. This website will be relied on in many numbers in the research paper.

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