Having over 19 specialties Burjeel Day Surgery Centre caters

Having over 19 specialties, Burjeel Day Surgery Centre caters their services to all age groups from newborns to seniors. They have Pediatrics department which is solely dedicated to infants and adolescents.

While they provide their services to both men and women, they also have gender specific services. They have Obstetrics and Gynecology department for women, along with services such as breast surgery and mammography. For men, they offer various diagnostic and therapeutic services for the male reproductive organs in the Urology department.

As Reem Island is becoming the hub of real estate activity in the region, people staying in this region generally belong to High Income Group and that is why Burjeel Day Surgery Center provides the best facility at Reem Island to cater to this group. Moreover, the High-Income Group normally enjoys premium insurance cover and expects higher standards as far as health service is concerned and Burjeel tries to meet this demand completely.

Burjeel day surgery center is located in Al Reem Island, which is a fast-developing residential area.

As mentioned above, Al Reem Island is ranked as the top choice for renting and buying apartments in Abu Dhabi, and Burjeel is the only provider of Day Surgery service in Reem Island which gives them an edge with virtually no competitor in the local market

Burjeel takes into consideration the lifestyle and interests of their customers. One of their target audiences is customers who are interested in their fit and well- groomed look. They have the Cosmetology and Dermatology department for this section of people who are interested and willing to use the most modern techniques for beauty.

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They also have the Department of Dentistry where they offer world- class dental care to their customers for a straighter and healthier smile, and give them the confidence to smile again.

Another psychographic segment is the section of techno-savvy people. To attract them, Burjeel Day Surgery Center is available in the Apple App store and using this app, customers can access any service of the center. Burjeel Day Care Center provides the customers with their collaboration with Waze live map again in Apple App to get the fastest possible route to reach there.

Burjeel understands that in today’s busy corporate world every second counts and the executive customers will appreciate every effort which saves their valuable minutes. To cater to this particular segment, the center (which is located in the Gate Tower) has direct access from the Gate, to Sun and Sky apartments and Sky Office as well as existing retail facilities at Boutik Sun & Sky which currently houses Waitrose, Leopolds of London, Caf? Macondo and Italianissimo (Trade Arabia, 2015).Furthermore, all services are reachable, even online, and consumers can book their appointment and arrange for the surgeries over phone.

Burjeel largely focuses on how their services make customers feel. Burjeel offers personalized care to their patients to make them feel welcomed and comfortable. They have a well-maintained, hygienic, spacious facility with a valet parking. They also have a piano, played by a well-experienced artist, in the lobby so that the patients can be entertained and pass their time while they are waiting. They also have a play area to keep the children entertained. They have well-trained and professional doctors and staff who are patient and helpful, answering any query or doubts and giving them routine updates about their health, thus instilling trust in their customers. Burjeel also seeks to build customer loyalty by maintaining cordial relation with the customers even after their surgeries and recovery. They also provide benefits to insurance card holders, specifically the Thiqa card holders who no longer have to copay 20% on private treatments since 2017. The company targets UAE nationals falling under ‘Thiqa’ -Thiqa which is the Arabic name for trust is an initiative offering health services to UAE nationals or those of similar status.

It is managed by the National Health Insurance Company Daman- and expatriates covered by premium insurances. Burjeel specifically also has the primary (geographical) target of people living in Reem island.

The chief development officer at Aldar Properties, Talal Al Dhiyebi, said “Al Reem Island is one of the most popular residential communities in Abu Dhabi. Yet, there is a strong demand from residents for good-quality healthcare within a convenient location. Burjeel Day Care Centre will provide world-class healthcare services not just to Gate Tower residents, but to the whole of Al Reem Island.”

Burjeel also targets people who have high incomes. Burjeel brands itself as a premium and high-quality health center and strives to offer only the very best to its customers. Their patients are referred to as ‘guests’. They also offer personalized hospitality services such as valet parking, VIP lounges, spacious lobby and garden area, and upmarket restaurants and cafes.The final step of STP concerning the market decisions is the positioning. Burjeel has positioned itself as the largest “One Day Surgery” Center in the whole Middle East through exemplary care for the patients and provide them with the best service at a competitive rate. In terms of the size of the facility, the number of specialties and departments and the number of physicians, Burjeel Day Surgery Center (BDSC) is larger than most medical centers within the UAE. Moreover, within a very short time, Burjeel was also able to shift the focus from just clinical care to the process that they call ‘the art of healing.’ They put emphasis on comforting ambience, full of warmth and personalized attention for their patients. Burjeel offers all round expertise ensuring the best in diagnostic, curative as well as preventive aspects of healthcare. Equipped with the best and the most advanced facilities in treatment, equipment and diagnosis, and with a team of renowned specialists and medical personnel in charge, Burjeel Hospital is setting a new standard in healthcare in the UAE. Burjeel Day Surgery Center (BDSC) specializes in providing premium healthcare services along with utmost comfort and with the least amount of waiting time. BDSC has over 19 specialties and alternative medicines and provides one day treatments for a wide range of problems and ailments. It is also one of the first medical centers in the UAE to offer Chiropractic and Ayurveda treatments within the same facility. This makes BDSC unique in that respect.

Burjeel currently offers the following services at its branch in Reem Island: paediatrics, internal medicine, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, ENT, urology, alternative medicine, physiotherapy and general surgery. They also offer Chiropractic and Ayurvedic services.

The facility has 64 consulting suites, three operating theatres and endoscopy suites, two recovery rooms, 24-day care beds and a robotic pharmacy.

Burjeel’s Air Ambulance Transport Services department specializes in the following services:

• Patient escort services on commercial airlines.

• Medevac air ambulance transfer.

• Major medical evacuations from various environments with support from Government entities and so on

Burjeel also has ‘Patient Concierge Services’ for the patients seeking treatment abroad.

Patients could also avail their ‘Second Opinion Program’ in case of complex medical problem which involves difficult decision making. This program aims at providing insight into the problem and patients and their relatives have peace of mind. It arranges sessions to have face to face discussion with their physicians to get all the queries of the patients and their relatives, answered.

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Having over 19 specialties Burjeel Day Surgery Centre caters
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