When the topic is plastic surgery, one thing comes to mind: Hollywood. Plastic surgery is being used for purely aesthetics purposes. Hollywood stars undergo cosmetic operations to enhance and beautify themselves. Wilson (2001) asserts that in Hollywood, the stars’ appearance means everything. This is why stars are lining up to undergo the operations.However, not all plastic surgery is for the rich and the famous; many are a medical necessity in order to function on a day to day basis. Many birth defects can now be corrected using plastic surgery.

Congenital deformities can be psychologically and physically taxing. Reconstructive surgery gives hope to people who undergo this trauma. (Kita nd) Accidents and war wounds may also require plastic surgery. Their goal for undergoing the operation is to try to live normal lives again. A person had car accident and lost a leg can make use of an artificial limb so that he can be able to walk again through therapy. A soldier whose face has been burned in the war can undergo plastic surgery to avoid fear or embarrassment of facing other people.

New surgeries are being introduced. Laser treatments, Teno Fix, and Temporalies tendon transfer are much publicized. There are also interventions to reconstruct the hair and skin through grafting. Still more are being developed. (Laser/New technologies, nd) Yet Hitti (2004) asserts that there is also confusion and preference with the terminologies. More people prefer the term plastic or reconstructive surgery. Many believe that cosmetic surgery is for vanity. They think that cosmetic surgeons have less expertise whether for aesthetics or for reconstructive purposes, the aim of these surgeries can boil down to psychology.

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Plastic surgery can improve one’s self image. With a better perception with oneself, one achieves a better outlook on life. Plastic surgery is not about being rich with money all the time. It may also mean being content and happy with life. (Psychological aspects: your self-image and plastic surgery nd)


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