Cosmetic Surgery Research Paper

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Cosmetic Surgery Research Paper

Cosmetic surgery refers to a branch of plastic surgery that is bent on improving the anesthetic beauty of a person. It is used to remove scars resulting from health complications, accidents or to build one’s esteem. This is mostly practiced by celebrities who feel a part of their body is not as appealing as it should be.

It can involve tummy tucking, eyelids lift, facelift and breast size adjustment. Statistics show that more than seven million cosmetic surgeries are conducted in the world every year. Of these, ten percent of the surgeries are done on women. Previously this service was only available for the rich but with the presently anyone can have the operation conducted on them. Though cosmetic surgery has worked successfully for some, the practice should be avoided altogether.

The risks involved with it are numerous, and the physical body attributes for which it attempts to solve can be solved through alternative methods (Sherwood, 2011).

Every surgical procedure has its side effects, and apparently cosmetic surgery is no exception. Whenever a person agrees to such a procedure, they become liable to some mild or critical complications. Nausea and vomiting is often the most likely side effect of this procedure. It is caused by the anesthesia used on any patient who undergoes a surgery.

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Though doctors have recently come up with some localized anesthesia that cuts down the effect sizably, the duration and extent varies as per individual. For some, the effect can be too irritating and destabilizing. Secondly, the surgery results in blood clots. This is also common to any surgical procedure. When a section of the body remains immobile for a considerable period especially when recovering from surgery, the blood begins to collect and eventually forms a clot. Exercise is encouraged to help the clot break up and avoid any complications. However, after the surgery chances are one will only be willing to rest, and this may cause the clot not to break up. If this happens and the clot dislodges itself, travels through the blood to reach the heart or the brain, the resultant effect is a heart attack or stroke (Cowboy, 2011).

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Complications of suture used are another common side effect. This is a problem that can result from how the sutures were done by the surgeon in charge. If the sutures are loose, they can cause internal bleeding. A lot of blood can be lost through an undetected hemorrhage. When finally detected, a surgical procedure may be necessary to repair any damaged parts. Infection of the surgical area during or after the surgery is also possible. This infection could be caused by micro organisms that get into contact with the surgical area delaying the healing period of the wound. In critical situations, the infection can result in death particularly if not detected in time. The last side effect of this procedure is the due to the use of anesthesia. This drug causes the blockage of airways by prompting irritation in them. The vocals spasm as a result of irritation and subsequently lead to blockage of the lungs. If this happens, an anesthesiologist may have to create an opening in ones windpipe as an alternative breathing location. In rare cases, it can also trigger allergic reactions and result that may result in death of the patient. These side effects and risks should only be faced when an alternative option would only lead to death. However, cosmetic surgery is only done for beauty and these risks that include death are not worth it. One would rather live with a bulbous nose rather than, die in the process of changing it (Alagna, 2002).

Celebrities act as the greatest influence when it comes to cosmetic surgery. They are the greatest customers of cosmetic surgery companies. The procedures are expensive, but this cannot limit them as they have plenty of money to spend. Examples of celebrities who have undergone cosmetic surgery include Tara Reid who had a tummy tuck; Michael Jackson who had a complete plastic surgery and Kenny Rogers who had an eyelid lift. Many people tend to get cosmetic surgeries because celebrities have done it and come out looking beautiful. However, they do not consider the qualifications of the surgeon who did the surgery. In cosmetic surgery, the qualifications of the surgeon are vital since the process is delicate. Moreover, qualified surgeons come at a price, and unless the necessary funds are available, something could go wrong. According to statistics carried out to determine the influence of celebrities, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit remain the greatest influence. Every person who goes in search of a part change chooses that of a celebrity. Many women alter their lips to resemble those of Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts. Those in need of an adjustment of their buttocks prefer those of musician Jennifer Lopez. So long as these celebrities have attractive body parts, women in particular will do anything to have such.

However, before enlisting for cosmetic surgery one should examine the effects of surgeries gone wrong. For instance, in search of a beautiful tummy, Tara Reid ended up with a tummy forty years older than her other body parts. The most disastrous was that of Jocelyn Wildenstein whose facial cosmetic resulted in an unusually ugly and scary look. Michael Jackson’s plastic look was much worse than his initial look. Besides, Michael had to undergo a series of surgeries to keep his looks in a shape. This he would not have had to do had he retained his initial look. In another instance, a woman was unable to smile or sleep after a facelift failed to work out as planned. These are only some of the examples of surgeries gone badly. Statistics indicate that, for every hundred cosmetic surgeries conducted, fifteen will not result in the expectations of the person. It is no surprise that some celebrities go for the cosmetic surgery for the same body part more than thrice (Sherwood, 2011).

From the side effects associated with cosmetic surgery to the possible undesirable effects, undergoing the surgery is unnecessary. One would rather accept themselves as they are than face the psychological depression that will result from the reconstruction of the body parts. Besides, the side effects of surgery are unnecessary unless completely unavoidable. The heavy sums of cash used to secure these surgeries should be used for other forms of entertainment with lesser risks.

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