Lifetime Effects of Cosmetic Surgery 

Like the quote,’let one be grateful to the mirror for revealing her only appearance’, shows that the mirror exposes one’s natural beauty, it turns out it also helps in discovering insecurities. Cosmetic surgery commonly referred to as ‘going under the knife ‘, is a procedure done to improve one’s physical appearance rather than health. There are many types of cosmetic surgery. Some include implants, fillers, reductions, liposuction, body parts lifts, and otoplasty. Despite its popularity, it has negative effects to the body, it leads to the addition of foreign substances that affect the body, and it costs a lot of money and the occurrence of long term effects.

The most common way of carrying out cosmetic surgery is by addition of foreign substances to the body. During implants, silicone and saline are used and other chemicals are used during fillers. According to the article BODY make-unders, the writers use an artist by the name K Michelle who got her breasts and buttocks enlarged after she had silicone injected in her body.

She later experienced migraines, fatigue, and pain after which she was hospitalized for a while. The article also mentions an actress, Melissa Gilbert, who had Botox and fillers like Restylane. She was able to stop having botox and fillers after her implants started leaking but it all resulted in an addiction to drugs.(Cosgrove 71). In both cases, the ladies’ health was affected. It is a common belief that most of the chemical substances used can be tolerated with the human body but they are artificially made and they can rupture or leak anytime or get into the bloodstream and go to an unintended place causing complications.

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It is better to avoid injecting foreign substances to the body because the outcome affects the body negatively.

Besides taking a lot of time, it is very expensive. Most insurance companies do not cover cosmetic surgeries. Based on the article Teen cosmetic surgery, twins had a nose job, cheek and chin implants just to resemble the famous Brad Pitt. This cost them 22,000 dollars which is equivalent to the price of a car (Kaitlyn). In the article BODY make-unders, the artist K Michelle, who had liposuction which is estimated $3,374, an addition of three surgeries in which one would cost $200,000 and a hospital stay estimated as $15,734.The total is $760,708 which could have been used in a sensible way (Baylis 72). A saying states that when one makes a choice, he also chooses the consequences which in this case includes an extended period in the hospital and for the twins after they had difficulty in eating at times. It is also stated that you pay what you get so the surgery heavily depends on the amount of money paid and the experience of the surgeon. Opponents may claim that if one has the money and he is not satisfied with their appearance why not use it? But the real question is is it worth all the damage to your health? Therefore investing money on cosmetic surgery should only be done when it’s medically necessary.

Cosmetic surgery brings about long term effects that not only makes one feel unnatural but also affects them as they age. The article, Teen Cosmetic surgery, uses an example of a girl who had several surgeries in her teenage years. She claims that it felt good at first but as she got older worsened. Also stated in the article is that teenagers should first consider seeking opinions before having cosmetic surgery because they are still young and their skin is maturing too. It could also affect them in cases where there are complications and side effects like disappointment and scars (Kaitlyn). In an article, The anti-surgery review,the writer says, “She’s faked up with so much plastic that when she crosses her jaws snaps open but she’s still naturally depressed,” to describe a lady who had an eye tuck, two facelifts a nose job and a couple of botox injections (Morassutti). The above article shows that cosmetic surgery has long term negative effects which include disappointment, feeling insecure because of people’s opinion and also tampers with the natural state of one’s body.Although one may argue that the procedure will give one the looks that they desire, it does not rule out the fact that the cosmetic surgery it affects her as she grows old.

Cosmetic surgery is a dangerous procedure, most people who have undergone it have gone back to undergo reconstruction. It has negative effects on one’s health and according to research, most people who choose to have cosmetic surgery are linked to mental disorders. It is also the doctors’ source of income so it would not be surprising if the doctors convince their patients on the imperfections and their ability to make it perfect. It is important to remember that healthy people have died from having cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is a big decision that needs to be made after enough consultation and more information on the effects, so before having the procedure ask oneself is it worth it?

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