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American Literature Paper

The writing and speaking ofAmerican statesmen helped reshape the nation and the work. Even though politics dominated the literature of the Revolutionary Period, not every writer was a statesmen. Thomas Paine, Crevecoeur, and Thomas Jefferson made strong cases for political freedom.
Thomas Paine made a strong case for political freedom in The Crisis. He wrote, "If there must be trouble let it be in my day, that my children may have peace"(161).He was suggesting that he and the people of the Revolutionary Period should correct all of the problems of their time so that things will be better for their children in the future.He also said, "show me your faith by your works" (161). Paine was insisting that the people did not throw their burdens on Providence because freedom will come to everyone.
In Letters from an American Farmer, Crevecoeur made powerful statements about freedom. He stated "… those lands confer on them the title of freemen…" (209).In saying this, he meant that the people of the Revolutionary Periodwill be rewarded with freedom because of their trials. "Here individuals of all nations are melted…", Crevecoeur wrote (209). Because of their labors and posterity, everyone will one day be rewarded with great changes in the world.
Thomas Jefferson made strong cases about political freedom in The Declaration of Independence.He wrote, "We hold these truths to be self-evident… life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness…" (156).Jefferson was suggesting that God created everyone equal and we have certain rights that should not be taken away."… all men are created equal…", Jefferson stated (156).He was just simply saying that not one person is more important than another.
Thomas Paine, Crevecoeur, and Thomas Jefferson made powerful statements about political freedom. Their contribution to American literature changed people's o…

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