The Older Man at Palace Bar

In the mean time the inspector went on saying, “I’m not going until I know all that happened. Eva Smith lost her job with Birling and company because her strike failed and they were determined not to have another one. At last she found another job – under what name I don’t know – in a big shop, and had to leave there because you were annoyed with yourself and passed the annoyance on to her. Now she had to try something else.

So first she changed her name to Daisy Renton-“, Then suddenly Gerald said “(startled) What” then the inspector repeated “(steadily) I said she changed her name to Daisy Renton” Gerald replied “(pulling himself together) D’you mind if I give myself a drink, Sheila Sheila merely nods” then Sheila follows him to ask a few questions of her own, like ” how did you come to know this girl – Eva Smith… Daisy Renton then – it’s the same thing.

” And so on then finally he confessed “All right. I knew her, lets leave it at that”.

Then the inspector then asked Gerald “(sharply turning to him) Mr. Croft, when did you first get to know her (an exclamation of surprise from Birling and Mrs. Birling” Gerald tried to hide it by saying ” where did you get the idea that I did know her” to which Sheila replied, “It’s no use, Gerald. You’re wasting time” this shows that Sheila is upset and angry then Gerald comes out with it “All right if you must have it, I met her first, sometime last year in the stalls bar at the palace…

Joe Meggarty An Inspector Calls

I happened to look in, one night, after a long dull day, and as the show wasn’t very bright, I went down into a bar for a drink, It’s a favorite haunt of women of town – … I didn’t propose to stay long down there.

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I hate those hard-eyed dough-faced women. But then I noticed a girl who looked quite different. She was very pretty – soft brown hair and big dark eyes-… she looked young and fresh and charming and altogether out of place down there. And obviously she wasn’t enjoying herself.

Old Joe Meggarty, half drunk and goggle – eyed, had wedged her into a corner with that obscene fat carcass … The girl saw me looking at her and then gave me a glance that was nothing less than a cry for help. So I went across and told Joe Meggarty some nonsense – … got him out the way – then told the girl that if she didn’t want any more of that sort of thing, She’d better let me take her out of their, she agreed at once … We went along to the County Hotel, which I knew would be quiet at that time of night, and we had a drink or two and talked …

She only had a port and lemonade – or some such concoction. All she wanted was to talk – a little friendliness – and I gathered that Joe Meggarty’s advances had left her rather shaken – as well they might – … I asked her questions about herself. She told me her name was Daisy Renton that she’d lost both parents that she came originally from somewhere outside Brumley.

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The Older Man at Palace Bar
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