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Boba Fett sverzilsya platform directly into the mouth razzinutuyu Sarlacc. And now, lying, sick in his bowels and slowly digested in the gastric juice. It turns out that was not joking Jabba the Hutt, threatening to Luke that the century will be digested in the stomach Sarlacc. Riddles and mysteries of the gastrointestinal tract monsters were even more frightening

It seems, for those not in the subject, it is necessary to clarify

Boba Fett -.

. This is one of the most interesting, in vain, that no more a pair of proposals for all 4 episodes, where there is, the characters of the film “Star wars.” Bob – a mercenary, even the best in the galaxy. Flies from customer to customer, but delivers, the living prisoners, then one head. Pay him well. Bob’s a great fighter and the prototype of all the main characters of computer shooters – that is, weapons hung from head to toe, but still somehow goes.

And, sorry, but I can hardly imagine where he himself put his flamethrower and grenade launcher, that their straight by no means invisible.

Tales From Jabba’s Palace

In the sixth episode of the fantastic saga ( “Return of the Jedi”) Bob dies. So much so that I was hurt. Very stupid he dies. During a skirmish in the desert of his chance encounter in a hole, where the monster lives – Sarlacc. Of course, he had to die – yet Bob’s a bad boy, but not so shameful. After all, his opponent – Han Solo – not even swung Fett, and someone else to fight the crush, and it hurt Bean.

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So inglorious death of one of the most frightening character who was not afraid, neither God nor the devil. Neither Jabba the Hutt, no Jedi.

A few days ago, revising the classic trilogy of “Star Wars”, I like the back of five-six-year old walked with her father. I remember we were walking through the snow flakes in some theater either at Fili, whether on Kutuzovsky – watching “Star Wars.” The fifth episode, I remember spinning in kinoshke on Barricadnaya. But in the grand premiere episode of the 1st, in the 99th, we even went to the Pushkin. Accidentally hit. his father was a friend in the movie, and they met before the session. Met, we sat well – in the end money left at all – as a ticket to the premiere for one. The money was to put the ticket collector at the entrance, and the new adventures of Jedi we looked almost for free. In general, with this film memories I have nothing but good connected, as well as all that comes from the childhood.

As I was glad to find out by looking at Wikipedia, that according to one of the stories, based on ” star wars’ Boba Fett is not dead! And even if the story is bad, ridiculous, sin clichés and phrases, cliches, and where is trying to qualify for surrealism – is the desire to stretch the author bottle of yadom, yet – let it pozornenkaya but childishly naive and benevolent attempt to give a chance to Bob. Live, Bob!

P.S. By the way, according to the same Wikipedia, in subsequent books, written in the universe of “Star Wars,” Bob even become an ally of Han Solo

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“This here is a wonderful Barva history. Boba Fett “

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Tales From Jabba's Palace
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