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After being with Gerald for about half a year, Daisy went to the seaside for several months, to try and “make it last longer” (Inspector, quoting from her diary). When her money ran out though, she had no choice but to return to the Palace Bar again, for there was no other way for her to gain money. One night she met Eric, a seemingly friendly young man who ended up getting very drunk and forcing her to sleep with him.

Eric admits: “she told me she didn’t want me to go in but that – well, I was in that state when a chap easily turns nasty – and I threatened to make a row”. Daisy was helpless, she was faced by a drunk, violent young man, and she was powerless to stop him. The only way that she could save herself was to go along with him, and let him take advantage of her vulnerable position. Then when she saw him again, he was in a normal state, and he was just like any other customer, she had to sleep with people to gain money, and to survive.

With little or no contraception in these times, she became pregnant. When she told him, Eric “insisted on giving her enough money to keep her going”, again, the money is pressed upon Daisy, she doesn’t take it, or ask for it, she is persuaded to take it.

The Palace Bar

Then when she discovered that Eric was giving her stolen money she “wouldn’t take any more, and she didn’t want to see me [Eric] again”.

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This shows incredible honesty and caring for Eric, that even pregnant, with no money, she wouldn’t take stolen money because she knew it was wrong, and also because she didn’t want to get Eric into trouble. Then again, you could say that she only turned the money down because she didn’t want to get herself into trouble, she didn’t do it because of Eric at all.

Also Eva shouldn’t have gone to the Palace Bar in the first place, it was her fault that she got pregnant because she put herself at risk of men like Eric. It was her own fault that she let Eric take advantage of her, she shouldn’t have let him take her home in the first place, she should have realised he was drunk and stayed in the Bar when he left. Also why didn’t she try for a job instead of resorting to the Palace Bar. Eric says: “she didn’t feel like trying again for another job”, but that is lazy of her, and she should have at least looked for one.

The last straw for Daisy was being turned down by charity. With no money or job and a baby on the way she made a last attempt by applying to the Bromley Woman’s Committee for money. She said that she was called Mrs Birling, which is nearly true, because she was pregnant with Eric’s baby, but very unfortunately for her, Mrs Birling was interviewing her, and as Mrs Birling thought that Daisy was trying to be rude, she was immediately prejudiced against her case. From then on, Daisy had no chance, and when she said truthfully that she didn’t want to take stolen money from Eric (she never revealed Eric’s true identity though) Mrs Birling assumed that a girl in Daisy’s position would not have such scruples as that, and thought that Daisy was lying.

Mrs Birling never took Daisy seriously, she just saw her as a lying prostitute who didn’t deserve the charity’s money because it was meant to be given only to ‘needy’ cases, when she should have realised that Daisy was as needy a cause as any. When Mrs Birling refused to give Daisy any money, it was too much for her, and she committed suicide. However, you could think that it was all Daisy’s fault that she was pregnant in the first place, because she was the one who went to the Palace Bar, she brought it all upon herself; therefore she deserved to be turned down by charity, there were more needy cases apart from Daisy. Also it was dishonest of her to make up a story in the first place. She pretended that her husband had left her, which was an outright lie, because she had never had a husband, only a man who she slept with several times, and also she was the one who told Eric to stop giving her money, she stood back from Eric’s advances, and she said that it was a bad idea that they were married.

“She had been turned out and turned down too many times, this was the end.” (Inspector) Daisy eventually committed suicide because there was nothing left for her, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to give her child any future worth living for. Her illegitimate baby would be used and ill-treated just as Daisy had been, so Daisy knew there was no point in giving birth to the poor thing, so I don’t think she was responsible for the death of her unborn baby, I think it was the fault of the people who misused her, such as the Birlings, and Gerald. They were all important factors in the eventual death of Eva (Daisy) Smith. It wasn’t Daisy’s fault that she committed suicide, there was just nothing left for her. She had nowhere to live, no money, no friends, and she had just been turned down by charity, so she gave up.

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