Understand the factor affecting older people11 Describe changes

Understand the factor affecting older people

1.1 Describe changes that may come with ageing.

When the ageing starts few health, problems come with that as well. Like bones or joint issues where is affecting the body to move harder due to pain accruing join stiffness and pains. There is also memory effect as well where it makes harder to remember for example a normal day to day tasks. Vision and hearing can be affected as well and so is full appearance skin get wrinkly, hair get grey or might loose them as well and their immunity get lower and metabolisms slower where they will start gaining weight as well.

But there are much bigger factors can affect older people. Such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Vascular disease, Dementia with Lewy body, Osteoporosis and Arthritis and many more illnesses what make a difficult to participate in some activities or conversations. elderly people’s mobility is challenging and most of time they must rely on help from others such as families or carers, due to illnesses or disabilities they safety become a risk and their condition can be frustrating for them or others.

1.2 Explain how the experience of the ageing process is unique to each individual.

Everyone ageing differently and it’s a human part of development. When we age it depends on genetic and environmental factors as well on their support system. There is a big influence on diet and lifestyle people live. Ageing processes effect everyone in their unique way, someone can age really fast yet other might show no signs of ageing at all.

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As people age, they tend to generally become weaker, yet some will start developing faster than other. Their physical performance will slow down due to illnesses or could be a disability as they are sleeping will change as well as they will sleep less or stay awake during night but also find a difficult to fall asleep. Mentally some of old people will feel lonely and mostly depress as they become less active so end up staying in doors as they find difficult to adapt with ageing. It is involuntary process where we can’t control the ageing and reflect on age, sex and education as well.

Spiritually majority of elderly people express they needs to pray as they feel closer to god and that is part of wellbeing. There is also a fact when elderly people living with families feel more comfortable and they bound with them and helping them to enjoy healthy life. Some elderly people who exercise or join into social clubs intend to age slower as mentally and spiritually they are happier.

1.3a Analyse the potential impact of factors associated with ageing on older people to include

Healthy Ageing sets out impact of factors as follow:It there In nearly 7 million older people who cannot walk up the of stairs without resting 1 .5 million older people who cannot see well enough to recognise a friend across a road and over 4 million of them have hearing problems up to a 250 000 of aged 75+ with got sensory loss. over a million people aged 75+ can’t find a way safely to get to local hospital or see Gp or just to up keeping with their hygiene such as having bath change the clothing etc. Research has also shown that it is difficult to engage older men in health issues: in line with notions of masculinity, older men tend to tough out illness and they are less likely than women to seek help for problems such as depression (Working with Older Men – a review of Age Concern services, Age Concern, 2006).There is around 1.26 million elderly who gets help from social care By 2020, over half of adults in the UK will be over 50 years of age. The persistent trend that the ‘older you are, the less you participate’ (A Vision for 2020, Sport England, 2004).There is only around 17 % of older man who take any form of exercise and only 13% of women due to ageing illnesses and other disability and poor diet and that is why most of them gets affect.

1.3b Analyse the potential impact of factors associated with ageing on older people to include

• Emotional

Older we get we express our emotions more due to life cycle, emotionally and psychologically due to more life experience There has been debate about whether aspects of psychological coping/functioning change across the lifespan. However, Coleman (1996) notes that there is a growing consensus that personality traits tend to be stable with age but that key aspects of self such as goals, values, coping styles and control beliefs are more amenable to change. In addition to the above, approaches to considering emotional functioning in later life vary in the degree to how much an older person is seen as primarily a passive recipient of changes with age (e.g. being at increased risk from physical health decline and bereavements) or more of an active agent in seeking ways to maintain and/or developing their emotional well-being

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Understand the factor affecting older people11 Describe changes
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