Cool Runnings Bar Scene

The following sample essay on Cool Runnings Bar Scene. “A gold medal is a wonderful thing. But if you’re not enough without one, you’ll never be enough with one.” – A lesson important character, Irvin Blitzer not only learns but shares in Cool Runnings on his pathway to redemption. Director Jon Turtletaub teaches us that redemption is possible through the life of Irv, and the use of film techniques; cinematography, dialogue. In the bar and newsreel scenes near the start of the film, Irv is presented as a man who is hiding away from the world.

We see this in the bar scene as Irv looks at a photo of himself in the past with gold medals, and then there is a reflection of the modern day Irv-older and overweight. While this action takes place we see Irv from a high angle shot (making him look even weaker) and hear him say, “Would you look at me then?”-Sighs-“Oh, would you look at me now?” This is a moment of truth for Irv, being forced to realize how far he has fallen.

We also see how Irv would prefer to be hidden away from the world in the newsreel scene.

Here, Irv shows the Jamaicans who are interested in going to the Olympics a newsreel featuring many terrible bobsled accidents. He is shown in this scene to have power, because he has knowledge. But he is using this negatively, to try deterring all interest, ultimately so he doesn’t have to be involved.

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Irv even says to, “always remember, your bones to don’t break in a bobsled crash. Ah no, they shatter.” Later on in Cool Runnings we find out about Irv’s past, where he cheated at an Olympic Games. He is obviously ashamed of this and has become cynical, hiding away form the world, and avoiding the consequences of his actions. From this we see Irv as a key character that develops through the film. In the bar and newsreel scenes the director suggests to us that failure is hard to own up to and deal with. At the start of the film Irv has chosen a cowardly path by hiding. Once the team has convinced Irv to coach them a… Cool Runnings Speech

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Cool Runnings Bar Scene
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