Pier One Bar and Grill in the Philippines

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Chic-Boy is a new hallmark and concern theoretical account of Pier One Bar and Grill Holdings Corporation. the company behind the successful Pier One Bar and Grill eating house concatenation in the Philippines. It is a quick-service eating house that is a “cut above” fast nutrient. with a cult-like followers.

Our construct focuses on quality. assortment and service. Chic-boy’s pride is its Cebu Lechon Manok and Cebu Lechon Liempo marinated and stuffed with her set spices and wood coal broiled to juicy and tasty flawlessness.


The chief aim of Chic-Boy is to supply people/ their clients with great nutrients at low-cost monetary values. supply convenience by leting household reunions and acquire together. And last but non the least. one of their aims is to spread out the concern by supplying and leting franchise.

The Franchisor-Franchisee Relationship

Franchisor shall supply Franchisee with specifications for trade names and types of any equipment. fixtures and furniture required for the Franchised Facility. The Franchisor will supply supplies such as merchandises. equipment and stuffs antecedently designed and provided by the Franchisor to be used in the Franchised Facilities and “services” that includes. but is non limited to. consistent invention and redevelopment of merchandises and procedures. in-store audit cheques related to the consistent patterns of hygiene. safety. and proper execution of pre-defined pharmaceutics patterns and methods.

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besides developing and aid plan will be given.

 Duties of the Franchisee

The duty of the franchisee will concentrate on the go oning services and royalty fees. accounting and records. criterions of quality and public presentation.

Products and Services

The company offers a broad assortment of repasts such as

  • Chiquito Meals.
  • Chibog-Busog Meals.
  • Cebu Lechon.
  • Magandand Umaga Meals.
  • Sphagetamis.
  • Nipponese.
  • Appetizers.
  • Merienda.
  • Desserts.
  • Soup.

Sizzling Specials and etc.

Most repasts are served with house soup and limitless rice. they besides offer
bottomless iced tea. They besides give clients fried garlic for free.

Management. Staffing. Strategic Partners. Ang Professional Support

 Management Team

The proprietor is considered as the General Manager of one shop. In every shop the highest place that is managing the day-to-day production is their several Supervisors. .


The freshly franchised Chic-Boy mercantile establishment will be engaging 11 staffs dwelling of the cooks. crews. tellers and security guard.

Strategic Partner and Professional Support

As for strategic spouse. the company will be provided with general contractors will be responsible for the shop equipments. care and physical properties and design of the shop. and as for professional support. an comptroller to head the accounting and fiscal side of the company.

Gantt Chart

As for the agenda of activities of the company. Chic-Boy will hold a one twelvemonth readying before it will officially open. The given month will be from September 2012- September 2013.


Hours and Days of Operation

The proposed Chic-Boy mercantile establishment will be runing for seven ( 7 ) times a hebdomad. 16 ( 16 ) hours a twenty-four hours. The shop hours will be from 7:00 am up to 10:00 autopsy

Layout and Facilities

The shop will be at least 200sqm. It will hold a 2nd floor to suit the figure of clients. The chairs and tabular arraies will be arranged as to let the clients to still walk in between the them even if ther are a batch of clients.

Licensing. Permitting & A ; Other Regulatory Issues

Geting the needed concern licence and licenses for Chic-Boy is a necessary measure to guarantee that the concern is staying the bylaws. It needs some sort
of concern licence or license to run the concern lawfully. Chic-boy will acquire first clearance and license before heading to the Securities and Exchange in Commission.

Operating Procedures

The process will be a simple procedure get downing from the entryway of the client followed by the buying of the nutrient. ingestions of the ordered point and so go forthing of the client one time done and satisfied. Then as a new client arrives. the procedure starts once more.

Inventory Management

The merchandises of Chic-Boy will be ordered from the commissary in a day-to-day need footing. It will be stored in the kitchen hair-raisers to continue good quality and freshness and to fulfill customers’ criterions.

Target Location

The franchise will be located at Dr. C. A. Aguila St. inside Mendiola. Manila. Its approximative square footage is 200 sqm. . it is a good traversed way taking jeepney’s and vehicles coming from recto heading to Pandacan. Sta. Ana. Makati and Pasay. frailty versa. It is besides surrounded by at least six ( 6 ) schools.

Marketing Targets

The mark market of Chic-boy will be pupils. employees and famiies. There are no age bound as to who are their mark market. every bit long as they can still eat the repasts offered by the constitution.


Since the entity proposed is non in the fabrication industry. the distribution described in the program will be the location where the mercantile establishment will be put up therefore functioning the clients within the locality.

Competitive Environment and Positioning

The primary rivals of the Chic-Boy will be the fast nutrient ironss such as Jollibee. McDonald’s and KFC that are within the same locality of the proposed franchise. The other nutrient plaes are considered as secondary rivals because since both offer nutrient. the service and type of nutrient served is different.

Marketing Tactics and Support

The selling tactics and support that Chic-Boy are already offering are simple circular giving and poster of tarpaulins and postings. And the Chic-Boy wireless they have in their ain shops and mercantile establishments.


Beginnings of Fundss

The P 6. 069. 000 entire investing will be funded by the 5 investors with the distribution as follows: Phosphorus 3. 069. 000 for the pull offing manager and P 750. 000 for the staying 4 investors.

Use of Fundss

The entire investing of P 6. 069. 000 will be used in the payment of rent for the land/property.

  • Working Capital.
  • Furniture.
  • Fixtures.
  • Equipments.
  • Construction and
  • Renovation.

A fund shall be allotted for the payment of rent. because the belongings is leased ;

  • for the furniture.
  • fixture and
  • equipments.
  • this includes the aircon units.
  • signage.
  • tabular arraies chairs.
  • grillers.
  • scope goon.
  • deep-freezes
  • hair-raisers.
  • home bases.

utensils kitchen and eating house supplies ;

another allotment for the building redevelopment which includes civil plants.

  • plumbing.
  • electrical.
  • illuming.
  • mechanical.
  • fumes and fresh air ;
  • and last but non the least.

financess to be used as commissary sedimentation.

  • franchise fee
  • and working capital.

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