My First Day at Work

I remember on the day when I went to my first job was on Monday, Jun 18, 2012, in the morning time I meet new faces. Nervously with little bit shyness was appear on my face, however, tried to keep myself in good condition. I will share the day when I was on a busy day in sudden, I faced a difficult situation which never I forget about it. After my graduation from Telecommunication engineering, I’ve applied for the job, and I got the job which was the first job in my life.

The first day at the job I went to the office the team with manager had a quick meeting that meeting was first and worst meeting I had. They were investigating the problem which their system has faced since last week.

I keep silent and just listening to them and watching the diagram and the code of the errors which they got from the system. The team was talking to the manager and discussing regarding the issue as well as looking to find out the root of the problem.

After a while, in sudden, the manager asked me about my opinion regarding the issue. Once he looked at me and asked, I got heart palpitation with redness face, I couldn’t talk or share my point of view about the issue, at that moment one guy in the team began speaking to the manager. I’ve appreciated him in my heart because he rescues me in a difficult situation.

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Then I took a breath tried to make my self relax.

Once the meeting finished half of the team went to their desks, and half of them went to the server room to work on the issue, the guy which he saves me in the situation told me that “please come with us to the server room.” In the distance of the way to the server room, I felt depression because I couldn’t answer my manager also, I thought I forget all materials which studied during my four years university. Later in the server room the guy came to me and introduced himself with a handshake and said: “this is your first day no need to be nervous, only look at us how we are trying to fix the issue.” the way he talked to me made me feel comfortable and get a sense of friendly environment.

At the end of that day, I said to the team goodbye and went home. My dad was home when arrived; he asked me how was your first day at the first job at the time I remembered the moment when the manager asked me regarding the issue, the same feeling came back to me with annoying feeling, my dad told me I could see your day wasn’t good enough. I said to dad about the situation then he loudly laughed at me and I surprised for his reaction. Later dad said “Son you just finished your degree this is doesn’t mean you are an engineer now. You are very new graduation from the university don’t think you know everything in your field and take it easy. You have a long life and should get experience to become an engineer.” then I realized that what he means, then I felt more comfortable and understand that I have to get experience to reach a good level in my field.

In conclusion, the first job is always something different from the study, and I have faced trouble in my first job because of lack of experience however I get help from the one of the team. Besides, I’ve learned a good lesson from my dad which changed my thinking about work. Therefore, I will think positively in all situation during work even I don’t know something, but I can learn through experience.

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