It is my pleasure to introduce myself as a nominated candidate by

It is my pleasure to introduce myself as a nominated candidate by the Ministry of Water Supply, City Planning and Higher Education in Sri Lanka to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship, funded by Chinese Ministry of Education, to study a PhD programme at the beginning of the academic year 2019/2020.

I am truly looking forward to pursuing my Ph.D. in Industrial Economics study in China concentrating on the discipline of Economics in the next three years. This is a natural progression for me, because I completed my graduate degree, Bachelor of Arts in Economics at Rajarata University of Sri Lanka.

As soon as I completed my undergraduate studies, I was able to follow Master of Arts in Economics at University of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka. Under this postgraduate programme, I was fortunate enough as a postgraduate to have explore sound knowledge on Economic disciplines such as Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Public finance, Economic Thoughts, Research Methodology, Statistics and Econometrics. In addition, the rigorous curriculum in the University of Kelaniya place a strong emphasis on individual research and intensive academic writing to prepare me for postgraduate level studies.

After completing Master of Arts in Economics coursework progrmme, I very much wanted to study towards a research degree to improve my postgraduate research skills through the knowledge I obtained from Master of Arts programme. As a results of that, I completed my Master of Philosophy in Economics in University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka in 2015.

The challenge of education has always been a very important aspect of my life and I continually aim to achieve my potential in everything in which I participate.

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Throughout the past few years, I have progressed into a self-motivated independent learner who enjoys embracing new ideas and concepts. In today’s world, economics associated disciplines are of fundamental significance and application, which encourages me to study a Ph.D.programme. Further evidence of my consistent commitment to and expertise in my chosen field is my position as a Senior Lecturer in Economics in Rajarata University of Sri Lanka. I am a hard –working person extremely quick in grasping the concepts and ideas and also keen to learn new things and amicable with my colleges, well-mannered and punctual. I have special talent for team-work with professionals as well as the community. I am a person who can reach compromises, establish goals and attain results. My education, training and other skills are complemented by a genuine concern for others and enthusiasm teaching and learning.

A postgraduate-level education in China will no doubt benefit me greatly for my career. China’s heavy investment in education has resulted in provision of high quality education and its universities have high reputation which makes a great aspiration to the students and professionals for the better career perspectives. As someone whose sole interest lies in Economics, China being an economic powerhouse provides the perfect environment for the study and research in Economics. China will provide me an opportunity to meet imminent researchers in this field and to be part of its research community will allow me to acquire invaluable transferable skills which I can tailor and apply in my country.

In addition, of great interest to me is China’s diverse, vibrant and well preserved culture. It would be honorable to learn and live the norms and values of the Chinese people as well as appreciate the great cuisines of China.

After considering the all facts, I am truly looking forward to pursuing my Ph.D. study in China concentrating on the discipline of Economics in the next three years. Throughout these three years, my research will be focused on industrial economics. I would like to put most effort of my first year on studying core courses, teaching and attending seminars. Besides, I will select a professor and attend all the discussion on my intended Ph.D. topic on “Governance, Share Market Performance and Economic Growth in Developing Countries”.On the second year, I will try my best to do my dissertation research. According to my research proposal, I will carry out my research plan, arrange data. At the beginning of the third year, I will finish most part of analysis of my research and expect to publish SSCI papers in leading journals of relevant research field. Furthermore, I will board my knowledge and enrich my research experience tied closely to a cutting edge research area. Then, I will successfully focus on my PhD defense. I will invest all my efforts in research, and then return to Sri Lanka for an exciting career in my academic life as an excellent lecturer and a scholar.

Taking good advantage of the breadth of the convenient services provided by the University, I will devote myself to laying a solid foundation in both theoretical knowledge and practical experience on the researches of development issues in my country.

In conclusion, I am looking forward to your favorable consideration and I look forward to your reply.


Mrs.A.M.Priyangani Adikari

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

Mihintale,Sri Lanka.

[email protected]


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It is my pleasure to introduce myself as a nominated candidate by
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