My Project of Teaching Myself to Work Out

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For this experiment the subject that I am teaching will be myself. I am trying to train myself is to start working out every day Monday through Friday. I chose [0 work out every day as the thing I want to teach myself, because I am not in the best of shape and I would really like to get back to where l was in high school. This will greatly benefit me in two ways. If I succeed I will be able can teach myself a new routine that I can continue to use in the future, The other reason is to cut weight, if I can do that it will help me to be less self-conscious of my body and just maybe I can start getting my beach body back.

Also if I am able to teach myself to start working out every day I can get healthier happier life and avoid health risks. To be able to teach myself to start working out every day I will be using the operant conditioning method to help me instill this new work out routine into my life.

This is a way of learning witch is either strengthened by reinforcement or diminished by punishment.

In this experiment I will be using positive reinforcement to help me archive my goals, I believe that out of all the other options this is the most beneficial way to help me learn my new routine because I will be able to reward myself after accomplishing what I want to get done, I also think that this option will help make the routine long lasting so I won’t stop doing the newly learned routine.

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The thing that is going to help reinforce my learning is being able to take a 30 minute nap, I will be able to take a 30 minute nap, every day that I fulfill my new routine. This is considered a conditioned reinforcement or a secondary reinforcement. It will be a secondary reinforcement because I will be to enjoy taking my nap going and working out. By being able to take a nap for my reinforcement I will want to make sure that I do go workout and workout harder and more often.

That is what makes it a secondary reinforcement, it is not naturally caused in my body, The next question is what type of guidance schedule I will be using. In this experiment I will be using a fixed ratio schedule, which means the schedule is presented after several times. The reason I chose this reinforcement schedule is for the fact that I get to take a nap after each time I go and workout no matter how long I work out, but for the fact that I went and worked out. I believe by using this schedule I will be able to learn this new routine faster and remember to do it longer and not give up on the new routine. I believe I will remember the routine longer by using this schedule, because I will be getting a reinforcement every single time that I complete the task.

For the experiment I started on a Monday so I can have a complete time line to condition myself to actually complete my task. The experiment started on Monday I didn’t specify a certain time that I would be going and working out as long as I work out each day. The first day I really wanted to take a nap, but I didn’t, not yet I had to go work out first. So I woke myself up and headed to the Dome Gym. At the gym I ran on the treadmill for twenty minutes, from there I worked my arms and back, doing three sets of ten at varying weights. This whole process took about an hour, I had completed my first day of working out, and when I got back to my room I laid down and was finally able to take my nap. It was really rewarding to be able to come back to my room and take my nap even though I really wanted to do it earlier than that.

Because of my conditioning I had to fight through the want of taking a nap right when I wanted to and I had to fulfill my task of going and working out first After a week a doing a successful completing my experiment by the fourth day I wasn‘t even concerning myself with taking a nap I went and worked out because I actually wanted to, I liked the way working out was making me feeli I was really pleased with the results that I was getting I honestly didn‘t think that it was going to work. When it actually worked because I proved myself which I seldom do it was amazing that I was able to teach myself with no help that I can actually teach myself to do anything else that I wanted If I were to do the experiment again I would have to change it up and not use taking a nap maybe get my parents involved. Their involvement would be because I would use money for every time I completed a task they would put money in a jar for me, I don’t think by using the same reinforcement for a new task wouldn’t work as well. 1 feel now that l have learned my task going and working out every day I will keep going with the task.

Just for the simple fact that it makes me feel better about myself and by continuing this task every day I will see better results in my body That is when I can start getting my beach body for the summert In this experiment I used operant conditioning, another way I could have done this experiment would have been by using classical conditioning Classical conditioning is another way of learning the difference it is learning by connecting two or more stimuli and anticipating an outcome, In classical conditioning you have to trigger a response by using a stimuli An example of this would be a game show on TV. The example is when someone loses on the game show the audiences response is a sad response because most people don’t want to watch other people lose. Though when someone loses on the show a sound usually plays like a buzzer so the audience learns when they hear that sound that someone lost and that then trigs the sad response When the person loses originally the unconditioned stimuli is them losing, An unconditioned stimuli is a stimulus (like someone losing on the games show) that automatically triggers a response, that response being the audience being down in the dumps for the person who just lost.

The sad response is known as an unconditioned response which is what is automatically triggered by the unconditioned stimulus. When the game show adds the sound of the buzzer whenever somebody loses, that is a conditioned stimuli. A conditioned sLimuli is when something is added when the unconditioned stimuli occurs, So whenever the unconditioned stimuli occurs (someone losing the game show) and they play the buzzer sound that becomes a conditioned stimulii Whenever the conditioned stimuli occurs like the buzzer sound that then triggers a conditioned response. Instead of the audience giving a sad response because they see someone losing on the game show they connect the buzzer sound then that is what triggers a conditioned response. The conditioned response being the audience giving a sad response whenever they hear the buzzer sound You have to have an unconditioned stimulus to get a unconditioned response, but as soon as you add a conditioned stimulus you make the triggered response a conditioned response That is the difference between operant conditioning and classical conditioning.

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