An Interpretation of Bless Myself, a Song by Lucy Hale

After searching song, after song, and after song, I’ve chosen this song because it has the three characteristics that I needed, and it’s both meaningful, and a great song, The song is basically about trusting your own instincts instead of others Champions individual freedom and the worth ofthe individual especially the “common man “ is the first characteristic I found. In the song, where it says [can bless myself, there’s no need for someone’s help, this part exemplifies the characteristic because she obviously doesn’t need anyone‘s help on whatever she’s doing.

And she’s promoting individual freedom, She’s proving to everyone that she can do anything and everything by herself. Looks backward to the wisdom of the past and distrust progress is the second characteristic I found, In the song, where it says I can justify all the mistakes in my life, its taught me to be, its giving to me, this part exemplifies the characteristic because she‘s saying that she’s made lots of mistakes in the past.

That if she can fix those mistakes, then she would‘ve had the chance to make it rightt Places faith in inner experience and the power of imagination is the last and final characteristic in this song. In the song, where it says there’s no one to blame or to save you but yourself, it exemplifies the characteristic because if she can’t trust anyone to save her, then she has to trust her own feelings.

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Also saying that you have to trust in your own instincts, So the overall message or the purpose of this song is to trust in yourself and not in others. For example, in Self»Reliance, where it says trust thyself, this perfectly relates to the song because the song is all about trusting your own feelings And in Self—Reliance, it‘s all about becoming a true man. To be great, to be one of the best, and trusting ourselvesi So when you have no one to rely on, just trust in yourself because your insLincts are better then others

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