What Relationship Does Hale Suggest Exists

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The Crucible Guided Viewing Questions KEY

Who are Reverend Parris, Betty, and Abigail? What is their relationship? Rev. Parris is the minister of Salem, Betty is his daughter, and Abigail is his niece. Who is Tituba? What is her relationship to the family? Tituba is the Parris’s slave from Barbados.

 What is wrong with Betty? Betty is unconscious after being caught by her father dancing in the woods with other girls from Salem.  Why does Parris suggest calling in Reverend Hale? Rev. Parris thinks the Devil has entered Salem and turned the girls into witches. Who are Ann and Thomas Putnam? What do they suggest is Betty’s problem? What is their motivation for suggesting this?

The couple who lost all but one child, Ann. The Putnams believe that Betty is being controlled by the Devil and is suffering the same symptoms as their daughter Ruth related to withcraft.

 Who is Ruth? What is her relationship to the Putnams? What is wrong with her? How do the Putnam’s tie her problem to Betty’s? Ruth is the Putnams’ daughter; she is the other girl who is unable to wake after doing black arts in the woods with Tituba.  Who is Mercy Lewis? What is her relationship to the Putnam’s? The Putnams’ servant.

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 What does the conversation between Abigail, Mercy Lewis, Mary Warren, and Betty reveal about their recent activities? The girls are making the idea of witchcraft up to avoid getting punished for dancing in the woods. Who is John Proctor? What is his relationship to Mary Warren? What is his relationship to Abigail? How does he feel about his relationship with Abigail? John Proctor is a landowner and a farmer, who separates himself from the town.

Why Is The Issue Of Parris’s Salary Raised

Mary Warren is the Proctors’ servant; she replaced Abigail Williams, with whom he had an affair. Who is Elizabeth Proctor? What does Abigail think of her? How might this affect the outcome of the play? Elizabeth Proctor is John’s wife. Abigail despises Elizabeth because she dismissed her and brought suspicion on her. Abigail targets Elizabeth because she wants to take her place in John’s life.  Who is Giles Corey? Why is he introduced into the play? Giles Corey is an illiterate farmer who is a friend of John Proctor.

His wife, Martha, reads books at night, and he says he “can’t pray.  Who is Rebecca Nurse? What is her role likely to be in the play? Rebecca Nurse is an elder in the town, married to Francis Nurse, who says that the “witchcraft” is just the girls’ foolishness. All of her children and grandchildren are all still alive.  Why is the issue of Parris’s salary raised? Rev. Parris required that he be given the deed to the minister’s house; he is concerned with temporal, earthly things seemingly more than heavenly things. ? 14. What is the Putnams’ grievance over land? What significance might this have in the play?

Thomas Putnam feels as if he was cheated out of land by his father and is always  What do the Puritans think of books other than the Bible? How do you learn about this in Act One? Books other than the Bible are folly and possibly evil.  How does Hale confuse Tituba? What is the significance of their conversation? Hale’s questioning is loaded with biased questions – assuming Tituba’s guilt as a witch – which confuses Tituba;

Hale also is beating Tituba as he questions her.  How and by whom are the other villagers accused of witchcraft? What is the motivation for the girls’ accusations? What is the significance of the scene between Elizabeth and John Proctor? What does it reveal about their relationship and about each of their characters? Elizabeth and John Proctor have a strained relationship and a “cold” home due to John’s affair with Abigail. John has not forgiven himself.  What is the gift Mary Warren gives to Elizabeth?

Mary Warren gives Elizabeth a poppet, a rag doll. 20. What information does Mary provide about the trials? Why does John forbid her from attending? Elizabeth’s name has been mentioned in connection witchcraft. Mary Warren is an “official of the court. ” John forbids Mary from attending the trial because he knows that it’s a sham because Abigail told him that she made the “witchcraft” up.  Why does Reverend Hale come to the Proctors’ home? What does this scene reveal about Hale’s role in the trial?

Hale visits the Proctors to test the Christian character of the home. Hale is the investigator trying to find the truth.  What relationship does Hale suggest exists between the church and the court? Hale believes that the relationship between the church and the court is too close together – that justice is impossible.  What does Proctor tell Hale about why the children were ill? How does he claim to know? Proctor tell Hale that the children/girls are making the “witchcraft” up; Abigail told him.  What is the point of the discussion between Hale and the Proctors about whether or not they believe in witches? The Proctors do not believe in witchcraft, this going against what the church says.

What does Giles report to the Proctors? What is the significance of his revelations? Giles reports that his wife, Martha, has been arrested.  What event begins to change Hale’s opinion about the arrests? How does he feel about the court? Elizabeth Proctor is arrested based on possession of a poppet that has a needle in its body (Abigail simultaneously stabs herself with a needle). Mary Warren says she made the doll while sitting in court.  What role does Cheever play? What is revealed about his character? Cheever is the arresting officer. He says he has been ordered to do so (he does not question his orders).

  • What do we learn about why Mary Warren gave the poppet to Elizabeth?
  • Why is Elizabeth arrested? On what grounds?
  • What do we learn about Mary Warren’s motives at the end of the scene?
  • How do Proctor, Francis, and Giles plan to use Mary Warren’s testimony to prove that “Heaven is NOT speaking through the children”?
  • What is the significance of Proctor plowing on?

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What Relationship Does Hale Suggest Exists
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