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Authority and Justice in The Crucible by Arthur Miller
Words • 351
Pages • 2
Authority and justice in the play The Crucible have had to be equally woven in order for justice to have been served. In the play the authority in Salem is the court. Danforth who is the head of the court is has too much authority and is able to manipulate his ways to carry out "justice". He does this by not stopping the rampant and irrational accusations of witchcraft. Instead he twists his logic around to make it seem like…...
Arthur MillerThe CrucibleWitchcraft
The Virtuous Character of Rebecca Nurse in The Crucible by Arthur Miller
Words • 473
Pages • 2
There are many characters throughout the play, The Crucible by Arthur Miller, that aren't necessarily moral. With young girls constantly pointing their fingers, men acting to prideful that they are blind, and the lack of reason in Salem, it is hard to find one unflawed character. However, there was one virtuous character that stood out in my eyes. Rebecca Nurse has a demeanor like no other in Salem. Her saintliness is prominent in the small town; the only people to…...
Arthur MillerThe CrucibleWitchcraft
Ego and Its Consequences in The Crucible, a Play by Arthur Miller
Words • 973
Pages • 4
Much of The Crucible is a character study with ego and depravity on full display. Arthur Miller presents many pre-existing rivalries that we watch unravel right before our eyes, and the coldness of some antagonists towards people can be downright upsetting. Many of the scenarios in Act One unfold rapidly and force the reader to understand the tension built long before any timeline provided within the text. Much of the rivalry and consequence of the novel come from hubris and…...
Arthur MillerReligionThe Crucible
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An Analysis of the Film Adaptation of The Crucible Directed by Raymond Rouleau
Words • 646
Pages • 3
Film Analysis - The Crucible The film “The Crucible" portrays the events of the Salem witch trials in the late 1600s. The Crucible was originally a historical fiction play written by Arthur Miller but later received a movie adaptation directed by Raymond Rouleau. The story begins with the town girls dancing around a fire in some kind of ritual when they are spotted by Samuel Parris. After these events, children around the town begin acting strangely and the town members conclude that Lucifer,…...
AdaptationThe Crucible
Theme of Red Scare in “The Crucible”
Words • 845
Pages • 4
In every literary work, there are themes. A theme is a central insight into human nature provided by a piece of literature. Everyone interprets the theme differently, but that’s the uniqueness of themes. One great literary work is The Crucible, a play written by Arthur Miller. Miller paints his story using the small tightly knit community of Salem, brilliantly weaving historical fact and fiction to portray a scenario not unlike events since seen. The infamous witch hunts of 1692 and…...
The Crucible
Fear That Leads to Mass Hysteria
Words • 933
Pages • 4
An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Fear is one of the strongest emotions in the world that has driven many civilizations to drastic measures. In May of 1693, we see fear spread rampantly through the citizens of Salem, leading to many hangings and false accusations to save themselves. Later in the 1930s, many Europeans are forced to call out their neighbors to save themselves from Nazi…...
Mass HysteriaThe CrucibleWitchcraft
McCarthyism in “The Crucible”
Words • 2350
Pages • 10
Introduction Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible, is an allegory of the Red Scare that impacted society mentally, physically, and spiritually. “The Crucible “by Arthur miller uses the witch trials of Salem Massachusetts as a figure of speech for the red scare. The witch trials of the puritan town of Salem happened during the year of 1692. There were numerous people accused, and some put to death by hanging for being accused of being a witch, or practicing witchcraft. The trials began…...
MccarthyismThe Crucible
Comparison of The Crucible and Jackie Robinson’s Story
Words • 928
Pages • 4
Society today brings so much that is always so negative and misleading. There always needs to be a scapegoat for who did what and why they’re responsible. Hysteria is a huge component now and still played a role back then. Hysteria and Hate In The Crucible and in the story of Jackie Robinson, hysteria and hate are both their main key factors. Although the main topics aren’t exactly the same, The Crucible and the Jackie Robinson story are more similarly related…...
Jackie RobinsonThe Crucible
The Calm of the Crucible Imagine
Words • 1019
Pages • 5
The following sample essay on "The Calm of the Crucible Imagine": role of  examples of irony Arthur Miller's works. Imagine this: you’re walking down the street on Halloween and you see tons of people dressed up as witches. If we lied during the Salem Witch Trials, those people would’ve gotten arrested. Ironic, right? Speaking of irony, the Crucible has a great amount of irony presented. Irony is the use of words to express something of the opposite literal meaning. The…...
Abigail WilliamsSalem Witch TrialsThe CrucibleWitchcraft
Abigail The Crucible
Words • 1501
Pages • 7
The sample paper on Abigail The Crucible familiarizes the reader with the topic-related facts, theories and approaches. Scroll down to read the entire paper.What is the role of Abigail Williams in the play ‘The Crucible’ and to what extent did she cause what happened in Salem? As an actor or director what qualities to you consider important for this role? “The Crucible” is a play written by Aruthur Miller as an historical allegory for the 1950’s communist ‘witch hunt’ in…...
Abigail WilliamsThe CrucibleWitchcraft
Why Did John Proctor Confess
Words • 2043
Pages • 9
The essay sample on Why Did John Proctor Confess dwells on its problems, providing shortened but comprehensive overview of basic facts and arguments related to it. To read the essay, scroll down. The inevitability of Proctor’s death is reinforced when Danforth orders Elizabeth to the court. Elizabeth must admit to firing Abigail for having an affair with her husband, so that Abby can be charged with murder but instead she says that she fired Abigail because she thought that her…...
CourageEthicsJohn ProctorSalem Witch TrialsThe CrucibleUs History
What Happened To Giles Corey
Words • 1173
Pages • 5
This sample essay on What Happened To Giles Corey provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.‘It has been argued that Act three is the dramatic climax of ‘The Crucible’. Discuss how far you agree with this argument. ‘ In my opinion Act three is the dramatic climax of ‘The Crucible’ but Act four also includes some very dramatic moments so could…...
Abigail WilliamsSalem Witch TrialsThe Crucible
Theme of Crucible
Words • 1179
Pages • 5
This sample essay on Theme Crucible provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, is not an accurate historical account, but rather an accurate portrayal of the Salem witch trials of 1692 in Massachusetts. Miller makes minor changes to the events that occurred during the trials such as the genuine names of the victims, the total number of…...
Salem Witch TrialsThe CrucibleWitchcraft
What Relationship Does Hale Suggest Exists
Words • 1089
Pages • 5
This sample of an academic paper on What Relationship Does Hale Suggest Exists reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. Read this essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion below.The Crucible Guided Viewing Questions KEY Who are Reverend Parris, Betty, and Abigail? What is their relationship? Rev. Parris is the minister of Salem, Betty is his daughter, and Abigail is his niece. Who is Tituba? What is her relationship to the family? Tituba is the Parris’s slave from Barbados.…...
LoveRelationshipSalem Witch TrialsThe Crucible
Why Is Reverend Parris Praying
Words • 1230
Pages • 5
The following sample essay on Why Is Reverend Parris Praying offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion are provided below. Miller’s “The Crucible” is based on the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692, in which many innocent people were executed due to accusations that were deemed believable at the time, by a group of adolescent girl’s. These girls were caught up in the widespread hysteria of the lies and…...
Salem Witch TrialsThe Crucible
Now Hell And Heaven Grapple
Words • 1375
Pages • 6
This sample essay on Now Hell And Heaven Grapple provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.Going to the theatre is both an intimate and exciting experience for the audience. It creates a tense atmosphere by having the action so close to you. The theatre offers a completely different experience than sitting alone with a book. At the theatre you are sharing…...
Salem Witch TrialsThe CrucibleWitchcraft
Giles Corey Character Analysis
Words • 864
Pages • 4
The Truly Honorable Person The Crucible, a play written by Arthur Miller, is a story that takes place around the Salem witch trials in 1692. The play mainly focuses around the Proctor family, John and Elizabeth Proctor are wrongfully accused of witchcraft Just like the rest of the town. Giles Corey is a local senior citizen and well known throughout the town, he mentions that his wife reads strange books and his wife gets accused even though she just reads.…...
CharacterSalem Witch TrialsThe Crucible
Good Night And Good Luck Analysis
Words • 962
Pages • 4
The play, “The Crucible”, was set in Salem, Massachusetts, in the 16th century. This is a period made famous for the witch trials that took place in the town. The film “Goodnight and Good-luck”, was set in America during the 1950’s shortly after television had made its debut. The two pieces both explore issues surrounding injustice, an individual’s credibility and people’s reputations and reactions to information put forward. In Arthur Miller’s play, “The Crucible”, there are many ways in which…...
JusticeNatureNightThe CrucibleWitchcraft
What Is A Crucible
Words • 761
Pages • 4
The play “The Crucible” tells the story of the 1692 Salem witch trials and the fates of the key figures caught up in the persecution. John Proctor is one of the lead characters and he is an outspoken and successful farmer. In the village he is respected and even feared with a quiet confidence and “unexpressed hidden force”. However, Proctor’s character has a flaw and this leads him to commit adultery and live life as a fraud. He is a…...
Body LanguageSalem Witch TrialsThe Crucible
John Proctor Essay
Words • 888
Pages • 4
Seham Mohammed English 11 F December 7th, 2010 Character analysis: John Proctor John Proctor John Proctor is the leading role, also known as the protagonist, in The crucible by Arthur Miller. John Proctor is the play’s tragic hero; a good man with one fatal flaw that eventually leads to his fall. John Proctor is honest, resolute, & upright. He is a man with pride. At the opening of the play, the narrator portrays the real direct characterization of John, “The…...
IntegrityJohn ProctorSalem Witch TrialsThe CrucibleUs History
“The Crucible” Irony
Words • 395
Pages • 2
The following example essay on "The Crucible Irony" is an analysis of a 1953 play by American playwright Arthur Miller. The essay reveals the plot of a work of art and talks about the main characters of the story. Open Ended Miller’s portrayal of Puritanism indicates that the society in Salem chooses false religious values over logical assumptions, which suggest attributes of stubbornness and their wicked beliefs in The Crucible. This proves to be ironic because the society would rather…...
CultureThe CrucibleWitchcraft
John Proctor Tragic Flaw
Words • 785
Pages • 4
John Proctor – Tragic Hero? How does he fit in to the tradition of tragic heroes e. g. Macbeth, Oedipus, Hamlet? What is modern about him? Aristotle said that a tragic hero is “A man neither entirely good nor entirely bad who through some flaw in his character or through some error of judgement, passes from great happiness to great sorrow. ” Also said of a tragic hero is “an action serious and discrete in itself,” “a man of some…...
Abigail WilliamsHeroJohn ProctorSalem Witch TrialsThe CrucibleTragic Hero
Essay Alliance Redhill
Words • 746
Pages • 3
I intend to study the Crucible by Arthur Miller. I will be looking at act 3, through the eyes of a director. The character I will mainly be focusing on is Abigail Williams, a late teen who had committed adultery with the well thought of, John Proctor. The play was written in 1952 and was an allegory of the political state of America under the supervision of Senator Joseph McCarthy. The play was set in 1692 in a god-fearing, puritan…...
Salem Witch TrialsThe Crucible
Crucible Summary
Words • 879
Pages • 4
Hypocrisy plays a big part in the crucible. Right from the start you find out that Goody Putnam is using Tituba to talk to her dead babes but all through the rest of the play there is no more mention of Goody Putnam’s dealings although her husband goes around accusing other people in the village but not his wife who had actually been practicing witchcraft. The other people who had been playing at witchcraft were the girls who are believed…...
The CrucibleWitchcraft
Rev Parris asks for another witch
Words • 564
Pages • 3
Friday March 11, 1692, during the day the community’s minister, the Rev. Samuel Parris asked the girls to reveal another witch. They did, and what they said shocked everyone who heard it for it was Martha Corey a new but upstanding member of the congregation. However, she had never shown support for the witch trials, since she did not believe witches existed. Immediately they sent out to the Corey farm to interview the accused in the hope of clearing up…...
Salem Witch TrialsThe CrucibleWitchcraft
John And Elizabeth Proctor
Words • 672
Pages • 3
Arthur Miller’s dramatisation, ‘The Crucible’ gives us his interpretation of the true events, which took place within a small community in a 17th Century America, which at the time was largely inhabited by Puritans. The play focuses mainly on two Puritans called Elizabeth and John Proctor. John Proctor is a well-respected farmer of his mid-thirties. Miller describes him as a ‘kind man of powerful body. ‘ He runs by his own set of morals and therefore is ‘not easily led.…...
The Crucible
Self Discovery Essay
Words • 815
Pages • 4
Arthur Miller’s play ‘The Crucible’ was based upon the 1950s McArthur trials. Miller was called before the House of Un-American Activities Committee in 1956 and refused to testify against his friends and associates (similar to the decision made by his main character and protagonist, John Proctor). He was then charged with contempt, but the conviction was later overruled with an appeal. The play explores the challenge in society to stand up for what you believe in and doing good in the…...
The Crucible
How Has Giles Broke Charity With The Woman
Words • 460
Pages • 2
Paper Type:Analytical essays
Although Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, focuses primarily on other characters, Giles Corey presents an interesting view of how circumstances can force a man to examine his own views and step into becoming a staunch advocate for the truth and a role model for others. In his first appearance, Corey seems to be a fairly typical cantankerous old man. He arrives with John Proctor in Rev. Parris’s house because he’s curious about the rumors of magic. He asks if Betty…...
CharityThe Crucible
Second Act of the Play the Crucible
Words • 656
Pages • 3
The following sample essay is about the actions in the play The Crucible. To read the introduction, body, and conclusion of the essay, scroll down. Act two is an Act of many different emotions. It has a very rocky start, which leads to bad news and a build up of anxiety. The tension varies throughout, from dinner at the start and Mary’s intervention as well as Elizabeth going to court at the end. At the start of Act Two there…...
The Crucible
John Proctor Reputation
Words • 615
Pages • 3
A man’s reputation is the focus of his life. A man takes pride in what he makes of himself, and his pride is what gives substance to his life. The loss of a man’s pride reduces him to nothing and ultimately destroys him. Hence, the blackening of the main character’s name in Guilty by Suspicion and The Crucible caused the destruction of his life. John Proctor, the main character in The Crucible, faced the choice between losing his life and…...
Abigail WilliamsThe Crucible
The Devil Lives On Such Confidences
Words • 533
Pages • 3
I believe that the main incentive for Dan forth to prevent proctor from making public his allegations about Abigail Williams is the fact that Abigail’s testimony would be questioned because in the time that the story is set, adultery is one of the most judgemental sins. The community was focused greatly around trust and respect, and john proctor was highly thought of in the village and Dan forth believed that this would throw the town into even more turmoil than…...
Character TraitsConfidencePersonalityThe Crucible
Honors Literature sem. 1 The Crucible
Words • 4132
Pages • 17
What important information is revealed in the third paragraph of the first act in the Crucible? The information revealed is that Reverend Parris is one of the characters in the play. He is praying for his daughter, who is obviously sick. In what ways does a long exposition differ from a stage direction? A long exposition differs from a typical stage direction because a stage direction is usually brief. An exposition, however, goes into more detail. A stage direction also…...
Abigail WilliamsFlashcardsThe CrucibleWitchcraft
The personalities of Elizabeth and John Proctor: Salem Witch Trials
Words • 1143
Pages • 5
The drama is based around witchcraft and is located in Salem, Massachusetts. At the time the majority of the people of Salem felt in witchcraft and in 1692 that the jails were filled with men and women . Whilst the Bible led them to feel witches must have been murdered, 20 people were hanged. We are initially introduced to John in Act One. He comes around as being a solid personality, to the crowd and he is hoping to create…...
John ProctorSalem Witch TrialsThe CrucibleUs History
“The Crucible” by Arthur Miller And The Mccarthy Era
Words • 974
Pages • 4
Arthur Miller wrote ‘The Crucible’ in 1953, during the McCarthy era, when there was an insane drive against supposedly ‘pro-communist’ people3. This was called The Red Scare, or McCarthyism3.  Many of Millers’ friends were blacklisted, and accused of harboring communist beliefs, and being a threat to the national security. In fact, Miller himself was charged guilty by the ‘House of Un-American Activities Committee3.’ The verdict was later reversed in 19573. Many, fearing the rage of the US Congress and courts…...
Salem Witch TrialsThe CrucibleWitchcraft
Hathorne and Danforth
Words • 2285
Pages • 10
Miller has presented Abigail as a stubborn and selfish girl in that she'd hurt anyone and jeopardise the well beings of her fellow Puritans for a little more power and respect within Salem by accusing anyone of being seen with the Devil. She has been presented to the audience by Miller to confront her respected elders with no fear and lead her peers into following her lies and by doing this Miller shapes her lies throughout the play so that…...
The Crucible
Moral Crusade or Personal Vendetta
Words • 2376
Pages • 10
Abigail is not the only opportunist in Salem. The Putnams, whose daughter was one of the young women dancing in the woods, also seize the opportunity. Thomas Putnam is a greedy landowner in Salem. He systematically accuses his neighbours of witchcraft so that he might purchase their land after they hang. Like Abigail, there is a hidden agenda guiding Thomas Putnam, namely his greed for land. He too will stop at nothing to satisfy his greed. Miller has incorporated this…...
The CrucibleWitchcraft
Crucible Essay – What is the dramatic significance of Act 2
Words • 1190
Pages • 5
Consider the effects of character and action; the effect of dramatic devices; the layers of meaning in language, ideas themes; the historical context. Act two begins in the common room of The Proctors household. It has been eight days since Abigail and the girls made their accusations against the innocent people within the community of Salem. At the beginning of the scene the common room is empty and the only thing that can be heard is the voice of Elizabeth…...
DramaLiterary GenreThe Crucible
Carried Along With the Crowd
Words • 1272
Pages • 6
In the following sample essay about Carried Along With the Crowd. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down. Remount yourself to 1692, to a small town in Massachusetts, USA, called Salem. Imagine all you believe is dictated by lies, weak arguments and evilness. Imagine you are accused of witchcraft and the town that saw you grow up, the town where your dreams and hopes where born, turns the back on you. Imagine, just for a moment,…...
BeliefJusticeThe CrucibleTruthWitchcraft
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FAQ about The Crucible

Why Did John Proctor Confess
...These strong characteristics of his personality make his death and the ending of the play unavoidable. This inevitability is clear, as there are certain aspects of his character that will not let him stand and let his name be disrespected and to go a...
What Happened To Giles Corey
...Some of these are, when at the beginning Giles Corey bursts into the courtroom claiming that he has evidence that would make his wife, Martha Corey is innocent, and when Mary Warren admits that her and all the other girls were “pretending to be aff...
What Relationship Does Hale Suggest Exists
...What does Giles report to the Proctors? What is the significance of his revelations? Giles reports that his wife, Martha, has been arrested. What event begins to change Hale’s opinion about the arrests? How does he feel about the court? Eliza...
Why Is Reverend Parris Praying
...The play is fantastic one to watch and it keeps you on the edge of your chair. It’s a play that, if you are watching it, will be in suspense and eager to find out what is happening next, with its constant turns and twists in the plot.Leigh Jones Te...
What Is A Crucible
...When Abigail mentions Proctor’s wife, Elizabeth, we can see where his true affection lies. He says “You’ll speak nothin’ of Elizabeth! ” , which proves just how much he loves her and by also saying “I will cut off my hand before I reach f...
How Has Giles Broke Charity With The Woman
...He withstood the cruelty of being pressed to force him to enter a plea, and his stubborn refusal, right before his death, voiced in his request that they pile on “more weight” (59) becomes an episode treated with reverence by both John and Elizab...
Crucible Essay – What is the dramatic significance of Act 2
...John, experiencing guilt is desperately trying to gain back the trust of Elizabeth. He is constantly aware of her increasing loss of faith in him. Though she denies this loss of faith when confronted, her tone of speech suggests otherwise, and she la...
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