The personalities of Elizabeth and John Proctor: Salem Witch Trials

The drama is based around witchcraft and is located in Salem, Massachusetts. At the time the majority of the people of Salem felt in witchcraft and in 1692 that the jails were filled with men and women . Whilst the Bible led them to feel witches must have been murdered, 20 people were hanged.

We are initially introduced to John in Act One. He comes around as being a solid personality, to the crowd and he is hoping to create Abigail leave him alone.

He says’Do you search to get a whippin’?’ When she talks about John’s wife Elizabeth.

You can find signs of anxiety in Act 2 when John Proctor yields dwelling and Elizabeth begins asking questions regarding where John was and what he’s already been doing. This gives the impression that Elizabeth can be a personality that is strong and that she thinks she’s superior and she has got the right. John will not anticipate Elizabeth’s cooking also adds more seasoning to it But within this portion of the scene John also wants to know what Elizabeth was doing whilst he was out and in addition, he enquires about that being no flowers on the desk at a marginally one-way manner.

Elizabeth replies’Oh! I forgot! I will tomorrow’ which implies that she’s excited to John. John is eager to Elizabeth and wants to go for a walk together along with him , which demonstrates that although they argue, she is still loved by him. A feeling of their separation originates when John walks to the window whilst him sits and watches , Elizabeth then stands up to wash up and John begins to watch .

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John and Elizabeth begin to argue once they discuss the fact that Mary Warren is about to court. When Elizabeth mentions she thought John may have become Salem,” John becomes defensive and says’Why! I have no firm in Salem’.

After John and Elizabeth’s strong words, they all bond to try and save Mary from accusations of witchcraft. Elizabeth says that she thinks it’d have been a very good idea to get John to head to Salem exclusively to share with the courts that it’s a fraud. John has an aura of excellence Even though within this portion of the drama, the couple appear to be working together. As soon as John cites being in a room Elizabeth becomes uptight again and asks why they were alone. As she’s reminded of John’s affair with 16, elizabeth justifies the analogy involving them. He keeps it but feels it was long enough and Elizabeth should have moved on and forgotten but she hasn’t. When John orders Mary and she hates, John shows his power and strong personality by ordering her to bed due to the, John seems to function as the personality in this portion of the drama.

Elizabeth begins to be concerned about what could happen to her if the whole court instance doesn’t get stopped. John shows his strength by simply caring for reassuring and her that she’ll come to no injury. Elizabeth accuses of loving Abby John and says’you can not be passed by her into the church however, you’re going to blush’ to which John replies he is blushing because of his sin. She orders John to go to Salem to protect her to which he answers’Great, then. I’ll go’ through gritted teeth, which gives the impression he is only doing it because of also to quit her fretting and arguing with him and his wife. She feels that Abigail wants to displace her, so this frees her worry about the court case more.

When Mr Hale tells her she is to be arrested and arrives at Elizabeth’s home and John and accuses Elizabeth, John begins to demonstrate his love for Elizabeth. He defends Elizabeth if Hale begins to question her about her faith and beliefs. He says’the Gospel, every word is believed from by her !’ Hale his wife can be still a Christian is told by him and wouldn’t commit witchcraft. When Giles Corey looks and tells them that his wife was arrested, Elizabeth says’They gone today, Mr Hale’ which shows how strongly she considers the whole court instance is stupid.

Elizabeth seems to stay calm about being arrested, which shows her strong personality although How John protects Elizabeth inside this portion of the drama makes him seem strong. If Elizabeth is arrested, John says’I shall bring you home’ which implies he loves her needs her and wants he feels it’s his occupation, as her husband, to protect her. John cannot deal with the situation consequently and he was placed in uses anger and violence to demonstrate his emotions whilst Elizabeth is taken away revealing her emotional strength. John say’s’My wife won’t ever perish for me’.

In Act Three John insists on the facts, although it might make and continues to shield Elizabeth. He tries his best in this scene. This demonstrates he deeply cares to her and he could feel that as her husband it’s his responsibility to clear her name. That is like when Arthur Miller (the author) himself if he was enticed with the anti communist court in the usa. Elizabeth might be considered as the personality out of the 2 if she intimidates the affair with Abigail of John happened, to save his entire life. If asked by Danforth why their loved ones was left by Abigail, Elizabeth replies’She dissatisfied me. And my husband’. She claims that following the birth of her child, she believed John could fancy Abigail and became sick , therefore she was dismissed.

Act Four is focused on the court instance. She will not admit he had an affair and demands to talk to her husband, After Elizabeth is asked again about the adultery of John. Before John sits down If he enters the living area, the couple simply take hold of each others hands. Only at that point from the drama, Elizabeth seems quietly stronger than John from the way that she’s currently coping in what’s happening. Both of them get upset at the prospect of John losing his entire life and Elizabeth says’you can not be judged by me, John’ and she recognises he is a good man. He will not sign his name as he feels his children will probably be ashamed of him once they have been old and it will betray his close friend. At the play’s end, John has been sentenced to death whilst Elizabeth was cleared of her own charges.

To conclude, I presume that at different pieces of the drama, both personalities can be found by the viewer as the strongest. John seems to wish to be regarded as stronger since he could be the husband of Elizabeth and he feels it is up to him to protect her. In addition, he used his advantage to show he is superior. But at Elizabeth appears stronger.

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