First of all I would like to introduce myself to you I

First of all, I would like to introduce myself to you. I am Anhad Kaur from class 7-9 and I am here, of course, to apply to be in the student council. I am not in a lot of clubs as I like to put in my best effort to whatever I do instead of doing a lot of things. I am in the choir and in the band. I am also taking skating classes outside of school. I also used to go for swimming lessons but I stopped as my progress in skating was lagging behind.

So, I decided to drop out of swimming pay more attention to my skating which has turned out as a good decision for me. This shows my dedication towards one thing I really desire, like student council. I have not applied for student council for the past 2 years thinking that I will not make it. But this time around, I have decided to take a risk and apply for the council.

I am a very organized student who hands in all her work on time and is always taking initiatives in class and expressing her opinion while listening to other peers as well. I also have a lot of plans for the student council. Last year, I really wanted to revive our chess club. But, I wasn’t sure about how to exactly start it. So, I want to make a google form which will be posted on announcements. This google form will ask any person wanting to open up their own club their name, what club they want to open and what time they are available for.

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This way we can talk to them face to face an og through the details, making the process much more easier. I would also like to our school to go on an excursion to the Royal ontario museum. The museum is factory of information with a lot of artifacts. A lot of their exhibitions are related to our curriculum which makes it a fun way of learning. I also have a lot of plans for the 50th anniversary for centennial. I attended the 50th anniversary meeting and I was very excited about it. I know a lot of people are not talking baou tit currently for obvious reasons. But, this celebration was something Mr. Lee was very passionate about and doing things what Mr. Lee was passionate about is a way of honouring him. Obviously there will be a triple-tier cake and refreshments. I was planning for it be vegan so everyone can eat it. I also have a brief history of centennial slideshow in my plan. We could also have little virtual reality stalls to tell more about the history. The gym will be decorated in the school colors, red and white. Then we can have an awards show recognizing the staff and students of Centennial and have little performances in between. I have several things planned for next year if I become a part of the student council and I am specifically passionate about my plans regarding the 50th anniversary.

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First of all I would like to introduce myself to you I
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