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Horror movies of the 21st century may come and go, but one in particular shines brighter than the rest. What movie am I talking about? The 2017 Horror thriller titled Get Out. Get Out provides a new perspective of horror. Director Jordan Peele wanted to make a film about one of today’s problems, racism but wanted it to have a twist that no one saw coming. Using disturbing scenes, dialogue, and much more, Get Out delivers a horror movie experience that will not only leave you screaming but thinking too.

Suspense and Tension are 2 major factors on why stories are praised. If a horror story does not have these 2 factors then the audience will not feel engaged or have any emotion to that story. Get Out contains these 2 factors in its movie and it is safe to say they do it like no other movie has done it. From beginning to end, these 2 are shown through various different ways.

Tension is shown through the guests at Rose’s party.

They all look at Chris fascinated at him. “That’s quite the grip you got, let’s see your form… how handsome is he, (touches arm to feel muscle) not bad…Black is in fashion. “  Chris is the only black person who is not a servant at the party. Since the guests are looking at him funny, they can’t help but remind Chris that he is black thus only making him feel more different. With each encounter that Chris faces from Rose’s hometown gives him and the viewer the creeps.

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Chris knows something isn’t right. Rose takes him out on a walk and when he returns he is in for a big surprise. Suspense is shown by this quote, “Sir, can I see your license please. “ Sure this doesn’t show a whole lot of Suspense but it sets up for what to come. The officer asked Chris for his ID even though he did nothing wrong. This is one of today’s problems where officers accuse black people of crimes they did not commit.

This shows that the police don’t only trust Chris but they also don’t trust black people. Like I said this doesn’t show a lot of Suspense but it sets up for the future when Chris goes missing for 2 days after Rose did not let the officer see his license and in the final scene when a cop car parks in front of Chris. Since Get Out had these elements, it had a successful story that engaged fans to look for clues and Easter eggs Foreshadowing is what people with sharp eyes, ears, or memory like about when they see a new or their favorite movie. Without foreshadowing, there would be no clues or hints in the story. Jordan Peele has stated that he made a movie that required you to watch it 2 times. Jordan was right. When you watch Get out for the first time, you only see Chris’s point of view but when you watch it the second time, you know what’s going to happen. You know Rose’s plan.

That’s why foreshadowing is important. In the beginning of the movie, Chris is ready to go to visit Rose’s parents. “I don’t want to get chased off the lawn by a shotgun.” He says to Rose joking around. Why did he say this? Well he’s afraid on how her parents would react to an interracial relationship. Well, by the end of the movie when Chris is making his grand escape, he is chased by Rose and not her family. Another piece of foreshadowing in Get Out is when Jeremy is talking to Chris on fighting. “Here’s a thing about jiu-jitsu, strength doesn’t matter right, it’s all about this. It’s a strategic game like chess, so you have to be 3-4 moves ahead.” Jeremy said. (,) Here he was just telling him some tricks but before he wanted to fight him. Later in the movie, the two actually fight each other. When both of them are fighting Chris tried to get the doorknob on a door but Jeremy kicked the door. After repeatedly doing this and seeing a pattern, Chris touched the doorknob on his 3rd time and Jeremy kicked the door. The doorknob became loose and Chris stabbed it into Jeremy. After that, Chris killed him.

Some people may think foreshadowing is useless but in reality, it’s what gives a story that extra push to cross the finish line. To become not a good story but a great story. Jordan Peele wrote this story in 2015 and never thought it would make it on the big screen. Since Get Out hit theaters, Jordan has won Best director, best picture, and best original screenplay. Get Out will remain as one of the greatest if not the greatest accomplishments Jordan has accomplished. Get Out redefined the horror genre. Jordan made a new perspective of horror using many elements of literature to make his work gold. The characters don’t do dumb decisions. They act like us. If we were them, we’d do the same decisions they did. Get Out will remain as one of if not the greatest horror movie of all time.

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