A Sense of Horror in Horror Movies

Film music helps provoke a sense of terror in horror films I wanted to write about the psychology of music and how it makes you feel when your watching something scary and how our senses react to the horror experience and effect the film. I chose the films psycho and halloween since both these movies have the best cinematic horror theme song in movie history. Music executed dark stories and has the effect of the scream, as in Psycho Bernard Herrmann composer stingers slashing violins designed to shred your nerves each time you hear them.

Music suggest something isn’t right to create music that underscores the psychological tone of the film is to creating a sense of menace and suspense, producing sounds that are disturbing while sitting in suspense with a sense of danger and that put us on edge making the jump pronounced since you are not prepared for the loud screeching.

The famous shower scene when Janet Leigh is taking shower The intensity of the scene with shrieking music and intimate violence gives you a specimen of cinematic tension with the music telling the story.

Psychological basis and music supports the image with Halloween strange direct strings alerts you to danger killer masked unknown walking the streets of the neighborhood makes home feel unsafe. Music in this case is for suspense, and far more effective in setting up a frightening event, building anticipation to frightening situations that demonstrate our world. Film effectiveness for the main character Kids jingle with electronic repetitiveness sounding like music from hell.

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The effect of the music and the moment you hear the theme song you know danger is coming, if there wasn’t music warning us of terror, you would just see a masked man walking around but the effect of music is what gives it a scare and senses that know what your in for.

A terrifying scene is when Laurie stabbed michael fighting for her life all bloody and weepy, finally catches her breath in relief, out of focus in the background michael myers sits upright and turns his head towards Laurie as the stinging score adds to the terror in a shot. It was a jump scare moment that sneak up on you and make you jump out of your chair, and with the music added to it makes it much more frightening. Connecting the paper to winters heartbeat hypothesis “The emotional response we feel this reaction includes not only elements of self-reported describe feelings ( that chilled my blood, my heart was thumping etc.) but also scientifically verifiable physiological changes in pulse rate, body temperature and respiration” the connection goes with the psychological feel of the music and the physiological senses we get. Also the use of book about Hitchcock music by jack Sullivan that describes the process of making of the music and why they chose to use that theme for the film.

Hermann score took on a new tone and electrifying charge, which will be helpful to know what they were thinking and wanting to do give the audience a scare and how adding music to it changed it completely and Hitchcock almost didn’t want music apart of the film. The book about the technique of terror and how John Carpenter gives us sense of paranoia and how he transports a viewer into a world filled with terror and suspense. It will help with an idea of what carpenter was trying to do with the suspense of film. One of the main sources about film music and concept of listening to fear will help with a background of horror music and what we are listening to. It will give me a insight of the role of music in human evolution and the responsibility of triggering feelings of horror, fear, and rage. The effect of music in a film and something about these themes of music that we instantly recognize the variety of sounds.

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