Psychological Thriller "Sorry" by Zoran Drvenkar

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Is it not also sometimes hard to apologize to you for misconduct? How pleasant it would be to circumvent this embarrassing admission along with a submissive gesture by someone else committed it – one would gladly pay.

Just for this relief on these considerations is building the ingenious business idea of ​​four former school friends up when she found the “Sorry” agency. One day, come all kinds of people to them to be excused from good remuneration to any other person, and the money keeps pouring in.

They can be one in a bold trade. Someone killed in agonizing-sadistic woman and this crime would now like to apologize by the agency and have it removed the corpse and the same! What an absurd offer!

When the four agency operators visit the crime scene, admittedly offers them such a cruel sight to see almost unable to resume their activities. Zoran Drvenkar takes the reader now with the fascinating, chaotic hunt for the killer.

He juggles as an artist with the elements of the plot that not only the chronology he whirls (there is a “before” and “After”); Change the prospects constantly; the protagonists are devoted separate chapters under their name heading; there is also “a man who was not there”, and the conversation with the killer unknown to us, the speaker but obviously familiar ( “You”) counterpart.

In this roller coaster ride, the reader sometimes loses focus and the reality. He often thinks he understands what is happening, but then again everything is blurred.

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Sometimes he believes that several figures to merge – these are a mentally split personality in search of their identity? To kill so cruel, the murderer must have something terrible experience. His motivation, the author describes very vividly and comprehensibly.

You will be rapid in this very unusual and exciting psychological thriller one. You can put aside the book hardly because the author administered doses in small bites track to dissolve well. Some mystery remains unsolved and will continue to engage over the end.

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Psychological Thriller "Sorry" by Zoran Drvenkar
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