Thriller "Undergrowth" by Jörg Maurer

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What did Richard Wagner, Francisco de Goya, Rainer Maria Rilke and Udo Lindenberg have in common? They are caught in the undergrowth of a German Alpine Mystery! 58 Chapter does Jörg Maurer’s new alpine thriller, and each one has preceded the author a wonderful little mental-linguistic gimmick on the term “underbrush” – just commented definitions, quotes, contexts.

As such, we learn that “kesken puu”, the space below the deepest wooden board in the Finnish sauna (Ch. 4) that Russian chess players, if they are “in the underbrush,” less figures have than your opponent, and what rhyme for wisdom Chinese farmers, “sprouting in the undergrowth of rice, is the summer long and hot”.

And, also the initially mentioned personalities who – like many others – written on this concept something sung, painted.

This Maurer but missed quite a lot of his powder. What follows in chapters, is a fairly unaufregende detective story that pretty much runs alongside the real track, followed by a rather incomplete causality and employs quite clichéd characters.

Now, this is perfectly fine, because Maurer readers not expect a thriller, but a Gaudi. But more on that later.

Quiet and barely visible the Wolzmüller-Alm is located at 1600 m in the Werdenfelser Land, crowned by Karwendel, weather stone and Zugspitze. 30 years ago, there’s the Wolzmüller Andreas did his arduous day’s work as “incarnate Almbauer”. But then the painter Frank Möbius came here long to illustrate a summer school Bible. Room and board, he got free, but should this teach his son to paint.

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The hulking Wolzmüller Michl was already 20 years old, and had zero stinkfaul mood for anything. Although born with two left hands, the boy but soon surpassed his teacher Lord.

The recognized the erupting natural talent and would not let unused waste away in the wilderness. Thanks to good relations with the art world, he opened up from a “surefire source of income.” – for the artist and for themselves steep we went up financially on the pasture – and steep it went then down again. After a gigantic scene party of old Andreas difference there, and also the Mobius is now no longer with us. Why why why? In the author leaves a fine veil of uncertainty; we readers can speculate. The Michl lives now anyway down in the valley, in Grainau, and now and then you see him and carpenter’s pencil over his ear through the undergrowth haunt.

The Wolzmüller-Alm has now leased the goose hail, and he runs it with a brand new concept of innovative tourism, which also supports the mayor outgoing. “Manager Seminars” is the trend-setting magic word that fills him Hüttn with visitors from around the world. Who’s coming, who’s going and what they are doing, that interests the goose hail not: When his job he considered discretely to provide all the facilities and to create cozy with Bavarian specialties ( “sour dumplings”) atmosphere Bald opens up quite dramatically, he who is there brought into the house. During an evening patrol it falls on a woman leaning relaxed on a stone pine. Under her wide-brimmed hat it expects sheer horror: A face is no longer there, but still a lot of little creatures have done all in a few hours work. “Knöcherlputzer” she calls the saying aptly, “Red-necked Silphe” the zoologist, and actually they are not known in the local area.

As soon as the news made the rounds since the seminarians have laced their packages and are towered over the hills. The goose hail was able to pick up from the utterances of the fugitives little: ” L’abesse The abbess.” – “There must be a been of us,” it whispered; someone had a gun. In the media room still “optography” on the whiteboard before Gans hail, the powerful advice was a Russian following, the part along with all the other tracks eliminated in the same night Volume criminals. Including L ‘abesse , the best, the most feared – had their tryst exchange experience under his roof, and wanted to improve their skills. If that becomes public, the goose hail can make his shop tight. But soon has also done. The goose hail of rubbish can not shake more.

And now it’s time for the local task force around Commissioner Hubertus Jenner wine. As usual, one of the party: Police knows foreman John Ostler, the God and the world in; Ludwig Stengele, the non plus ultra of all criminologists; Borrowed Nicole Schwattke temporarily from the Ruhr; Franz Hölleisen and last but not least the psychologist Maria Schmalfuß. But unfortunately Maurer uses its own opening pitch of the promising initial situation that is making fun of the crime genre so delightful not. Instead researched unterholzig; page at the team does not get anywhere; after more than 300 pages, is doing what. The storyline is not the feared avalanche, and soon end in the field.

Jörg Maurer is a highly decorated with prices comedian from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and in fact I can imagine well as at a reading or stage idea the Charakterchen their linguistic peculiarities, their facial expressions and gestures are pretty leaves exaggerated alive. The rather episodic proceeds as a stringent structure of the Alps thrillers thus facilitating a scenic presentation form. Then the audience would certainly use the running gags neigh – the Wolzmüller Michl his Däppischkeit, where he still is actually a sly, or the wandering physician-couple and his sächselnden lecture on a Lyme disease patients. When reading but ignite such a blast only limited if it does not equal “kesken puu” remain.


Mason fifth Alps crime (from the already three editions have gone over the counter) maintains the proven, hundreds of thousands estimated manner by taking Bavarian local color, including the more or less cranky presented Native to poke fun at the same time keeping in honor. Many, many details are beobachtetet with love and flair and described. In the formulations often witty twists and intelligent allusions are flashing. And yet everything remains superficial, listed instead toothed, sometimes cliched or tapped, such as swipes on the art world. Because of this, it pulls at the end pretty reading. Whether the audio book in the leisurely fuller version than the pressure here?

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