Thriller "Eismord" by Giles Blunt

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What is presented as impaled on stakes, are heads – severed human heads with an ax. As bloodthirsty and brutal begins Giles Blunt thriller “Eismord” ( “Crime Machine”, translated from Anke and Eberhard Kreutzer). We are in Algonquin Bay, Canada’s icy desert with its many lakes and impenetrable forests. Whoever commits only as a cruel act? What could have driven to such bestiality these people? And who are the two dead, Detective John Cardinal Tracking the night on the boards of a boat dock? But we are not ready.

The 18-year-old Indian woman Sam accidentally sees an act of violence. In a vacant property on Trout Lake, she had a secret rendezvous with the much older real estate agent Randall. When the already driven away, and Sam is alone in the house, she hears unexpected steps in the house. She hides under the bed, hears from the living voices, laughter, clinking of glasses, then a shot, a man’s scream, another shot.

Sam tries to calm down: Just do not panic, breathe calmly, think! In a favorable moment she smashes a chair, a window, and she manages to escape. But she injured on the glass fragments, and their blood traces are clearly visible in the snow. Even whistling balls behind her, and the perpetrators give chase.

Unfortunately, Sam has her cell phone in the house were left. Now she is suffering agonies because the perpetrators will track it soon. After she managed to get to safety, they naturally would alert the police.

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But it should really do that? That would bring Randall in huge trouble. He is married, and his wife Laura ran for deputy for the Federal Parliament.

Finally, discover two 13-year-old guys who hang around on a lake and spinksen through a window of the house on the headland, the bodies and notify the local police. Soon, Detective Cardinal, colleague Lise Delorme and forensics arrive at the scene. What they find, two decapitated bodies – a man, a woman, both Russian fur traders – and a splinter of wood that smells of oil. The smell of oil is to the Cardinal rips later out of bed: he has. an inspiration that leads him to the jetty. The circle is complete.

The elucidation of this spectacular case turns out to be for Cardinal and Delorme to be extremely difficult, and for the special agent of the FBI, which is still consulted, no less. All traces lost in the fur traders milieu. Randall’s affair with Sam comes naturally to light and causes a stir and other complications. While the investigators themselves ahead grope slowly, the reader learns something about a man stranded in life young people takes with him to give them a aims to provide family and disciplined with rigor, “Dad, it will.” like so abseitig and unrealistic this plotline seem, he gives the thriller yet another unusual touch – and he will stick in the memory.

Giles Blunt is one of Canada’s most successful thriller writers, and has been with “icy moon”. he good job. From the beginning, the reader is tied up, and the voltage decreases little when more murders happen. Would like to be smarter than the police allowed – but beware: They quickly slipped on the ice. And besides, Blunt still has an ace up his sleeve, which he only draws in the end and slaps on the table.

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Thriller "Eismord" by Giles Blunt
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