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How Do GIFs Affect Us?
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What does the sloth from Zootopia, President Barack Obama and a bear waving its paw all have in common one might wonder? These three were named “most popular 2016-2017” under the category of the most zeitgeisty of digital media: animated images or GIFS. Since their creation nearly 30 years ago, these looping images have walked a rocky path to fame, going from repudiated to ubiquitous back and again. Whether you like them or whether you denounce their infantilizing impact on…...
The Racial Profiling Problem
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Shows, movies, songs, and even books are known for having subliminal messages hidden in them that usually are not noticed upon first watching them. These messages can be derogative or they can actually have meaning to them, which in some cases help the person who is experiencing the message to gain a better insight to a situation. Racial profiling is an issue that needs to be taken more seriously and people do need to have a better insight as to…...
ProblemsRacial ProfilingZootopia
A City With an Ideal Civilization
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Pages • 7
Imagine living in a city with a perfect civilization, Zootopia is the place to be. Zootopia has a specific meaning, and you can get the meaning by breaking down the word. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, “an area in which animals, esp. wild animals, are kept so that people can go and look at them” is the meaning of zoo. In the same dictionary, “a perfect society in which everyone is happy” is the meaning of utopia. In this movie,…...
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Disney’s Unforgettable Films
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These films range from live action to animations, and include classics such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as well as contemporary blockbusters such as Pirates of the Caribbean. Since 1937 to date, Disney has released a staggering 745 movies and counting. Watching all of these movies is simply a daunting task and that is why we have got a line-up of all their best, and lowly rated, works right here for you. Toy Story is a fantasy/adventure animation…...
AnimationToy StoryZootopia
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How Do GIFs Affect Us?
...There are many reasons why a gif might go viral. Qualities like relatability, originality, timelessness, as well as breaking the fourth wall (“when it feels like the action is being directed right at the receiver”). Ultimately, though, it’s the...
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