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Magistrate’s Identity Division in Waiting for Barbarians
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Waiting for the Identity Among the many possibly horrendous effects of colonialism, one that stands out to me in J.M. Coetzee's "Waiting for the Barbarians” is the division of the Magistrate's self-identity caused by confusion relating to where exactly he belongs within his society. With two sides to choose from: the colonizers (his Empire), or the colonized (the barbarians), the Magistrate deteriorates through a blend of estrangement, absence of cultural belonging, self-doubt, double awareness, and splintered aptitude affiliation that show themselves in the face of…...
Waiting For The Barbarians
Magistrate and Barbarian Girl Relationship in Waiting for the Barbarians
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The relationship between the Magistrate and the barbarian girl in Waiting for the Barbarians is not at any point in the novel, a typical relationship. The Magistrate's guilt for having been involved in a government that has for so long mistrusted and mistreated the barbarians manifests itself in his attraction to the barbarian girl. The affair begins on his part, as an innocent infatuation with the barbarian girl. Throughout the novel, he becomes more and more aware of the subconscious…...
Waiting For The Barbarians
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