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The Ideas of Satire in Uglies, a Novel by Scott Westerfeld
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Uglies: A Satire to Our World Satire is a literary comedy that criticizes the society and its institutions. Many famous philosophers such as Voltaire and Jonathan Swift used the genre of satire to criticize the society that they live in, in order to talk about the problems that they have against the government. Scott Westerfeld has written the novel, “Uglies”, to present the ideas of satire and how each element in his novel links back to the world that the…...
Media On Analysis Essay
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Ethan Kim 7M3-16-18Media Analysis Essay Looks are everything in this world. They have so many effects on people whether good or bad. Many media sources show how people’s appearance and looks can affect them in many ways. In the book, Uglies, children have an operation to make them pretty when they are 16. The main character Tally Youngblood has yet to go under the knife. She has been waiting her whole life to get this operation. There are no jobs,…...
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Hello and my name is Megan Addison coCEO from Insights
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Hello and my name is Megan Addison, co-CEO from Insights Entertainment© and this is my trustworthy executive producer Eleanor Watson. My company and I have released mega hit movies such as: Master of Justice, Fatal Glory and Shipanic. Today we will show you a storyboard of our movie called “Uglies.” Uglies is a book written by Scott Westerfeld. Our company is turning “Uglies” into our next mega hit movie. Now my executive producer“Uglies” represents how the government has a law…...
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