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Ethan Kim 7M3-16-18Media Analysis Essay Looks are everything in this world. They have so many effects on people whether good or bad. Many media sources show how people’s appearance and looks can affect them in many ways. In the book, Uglies, children have an operation to make them pretty when they are 16. The main character Tally Youngblood has yet to go under the knife. She has been waiting her whole life to get this operation. There are no jobs, no respect, and no dignity when you look ugly.

But being pretty can open up whole new opportunities for yourself. Our society is similar to the book Uglies through how people feel about themselves, how it can affect their life/status, and to what extent they go to alter their looks. People can criticize the way they look because they think they can be better. Buzzfeed made a video for people as a social experiment.

What do Strangers Think of You Many people mentioned this “You’re embarrassed about how you look.

And you like if there is an altered version of your face because you think it may look better.” Buzzfeed. This little experiment showed how your looks can make you target yourself for how you look. The book Uglies states “First, the basics. The software took over: The eyes gradually grew, reducing the size of the nose between them, Shay’s cheekbones moved upward, and her lips became a tiny bit fuller (they were already almost pretty-sized).

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Every blemish disappeared, her skin turning flawlessly smooth. The skull moved subtly under the features, the angle of her forehead tilting back, her chin becoming more defined, her jaw stronger.”

Westerfeld 41. This made Tally want a different body that wouldn’t make her unique but just make her the same as everyone else. This machine, a MACHINE making her want to have a body that is better and more beautiful. Other sources explain how it can affect your job and status.Sometimes your looks can land you in a bad position for jobs and other activities. For example, most of the people today who are different or obese are a lot less likely to get a job let alone be paid the same as everybody else. Most people in the U.S suffer from obesity. Being obese or even looking bad can land you in bad places you won’t get out of for a long time. In addition, those kinds of people can get less respect or less responsibility. According to the book Uglies, “She hated being called Stick Insect, or PigEyes, or any of the other things Uglies called one another.” Westerfeld 75. Tally is constantly picked on in the book for being ugly, and not being deemed fit to respect.

People all over the world stand subject to the disrespect and impolite way they are treated. This news report was made by Baton Rouge News in 2013. Surgery is another big option many people choose to do.Many people have gone under the knife to change the way they look. Surgeons can remove skin and add plastic or other materials to ultimately alter your appearance. “Surgeons can reshape the appearance of body parts through cosmetic surgery. Some of the most common body parts people want to improve through surgery include” MedlinePlus. This is just one of the many different places people go to get their face and body altered into what they think is a better version of themselves. In Uglies, “ her body was going to be opened up, the bones ground down to the right shape, some of them stretched or padded, her nose cartilage and cheekbones stripped out and replaced with programmable plastic, skin sanded off and reseeded like a soccer field in spring?

That her eyes would be laser-cut for a lifetime of perfect vision, reflective implants inserted under the iris to add sparkling gold flecks to their indifferent brown?” Westerfeld 94. This operation poses a tremendous change to the body. There are so many things that have to be done to the patient. Most of these people are excited to get this operation done because they think they are ugly, and in turn, want to become pretty and stunning. In conclusion, these media sources all have their own unique way of saying how one’s looks, appearances, and physical looks can greatly affect their lifetime. From Buzzfeed making a video, to news reports, and blogs/ articles. They all have one thing in common… they all make statements about how you look. We as a society have many connections to Uglies through how we look at other people, and how other people deal with those looks

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