Hello and my name is Megan Addison coCEO from Insights

Hello and my name is Megan Addison, co-CEO from Insights Entertainment© and this is my trustworthy executive producer Eleanor Watson. My company and I have released mega hit movies such as: Master of Justice, Fatal Glory and Shipanic. Today we will show you a storyboard of our movie called “Uglies.” Uglies is a book written by Scott Westerfeld. Our company is turning “Uglies” into our next mega hit movie. Now my executive producer

“Uglies” represents how the government has a law where at the age of 16, everyone must get plastic surgery so that they can become “Pretty” from an “Ugly”.

This is an interesting creation because it is a unique plot serious of how the world may look like in the future. The world id already taken over by phones which applies people to get self- obsessed with selfies and looking pretty. The high-rising part of the novel appears when tally is about to turn 16 and is eager to become a pretty.

However, when Tally is trying to break into new Pretty Town, she meets Shay. Shay changes her perspective of life and becoming Pretty isn’t really an ideal matter. Shay tells Tally about a hidden town called the “Smoke”. Tally ends up going to the town with Shay and likes it there. Dr. Cable is one of the secret police (Special Circumstances), and Dr. Cable blackmails Tally into going to find this hidden town: if she doesn’t help, Cable will never let Tally become a pretty. Tally then meets a boy called David and they slowly fall for each other.

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Now that Tally is happy in the Smoke, Special Circumstances comes and arrests everyone. Tally and David escape and go to the city to rescue the captives there, including David’s mom and dad. But they’re too late. This plot would be a fantastic film because it is a unique story line about what may happen in the future to teens who are getting influenced about plastic surgery.

There are many characters in this spectacular novel, however the two main characters are: Tally and Shay. Tally Youngblood is an innocent 15-year-old (almost 16) who can’t wait to be turned pretty. Tally has several inner looks that pass through her journey of characteristics. Through the start of the book, Tally is seen to be as an innocent and loyal “ugly” however, Dr Cable deliberately changed her inner form to becoming rebellious. She is the perfect protagonist in the book because she varies different type of characteristics to further change the world. The actor we believe would be a perfect fit to act as Tally is Elle Fanning. We desire Elle because she is young, she can play a well-known emotive role. She showed acting abilities when she played an outstanding role of Princess Aurora in Maleficent were, she is praised by the public.

Shay has a comparable persona to Tally. She outlines as being the same rebellious as Tally, however she has her on perspective of being “beautiful”. Shay was a strong influence on Tally as she was the main reason into convincing Tally that being pretty is the best thing in life. I strongly suggest that Aubrey Peeples is to act as Shay in the movie.

The setting of the book is placed in the future generation of North America which is occurred after there is a major disaster that destroys the current civilisation. This contributes to the mood of the story by creating a sense of how the world may be seen the future generation due to the influencers in the current world today. The main conflict is taking place in the city “Smoke” which is located near the Pacific Cost. However, there are many other cities in the book which take place in the ruins of Seattle. For Example, “New Pretty Town” and “Uglyville”. The people who live in ‘New Pretty Town” are the ones who got plastic surgery to become beautiful. “Uglyville” is where all the ones who haven’t turned 16 yet, are living their waiting for the time to get their surgery. Finally, the “Smoke” is a hidden town in the wilderness were those who are running away from getting surgery stay in hiding from the Special Circumstances.

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Hello and my name is Megan Addison coCEO from Insights
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