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Hofstede’s in Nepalese Culture
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Country comparisons are implemented with scores. The rule is that if score is under 50, the value is considered relatively low. If a country scores over 50, it’s high in that value. With dimension individualism, if a country scores under 50 it’s considered collectivistic thus above 50 refers to more individualistic features of cultural values. This section compares all the countries’ cultural values. However, it is important to notice that generalizations concern groups and scores are relative like humans. All…...
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About Hephaestus
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Hephaistos, the god I chose, is the Greek god of artillery and fire. I'll be calling him the more common spelling of Hephaestus throughout this discussion. He stands out from the crowd with his club foot, along with his hammer and tongs of the gods. Aside from making weapons worthy of the gods and their acolytes, Hephaestus is said to have watched over all the great architects and craftsmen of Greece; he even did some feats himself, such as constructing…...
The Woman Warrior
The Women Roles in Literature
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The Burgeoning Tree of Women Roles from Seed to Sapling The roles of women in literature have evolved and expanded throughout time. In early literature such as Greek mythology, women were identified as sexual objects rather than individual humans. Gradually, the role of women in literature have developed into something more than a simple object: a damsel in distress who is rescued by the literary hero who is evidently a man. In the course of time, women’s roles have evolved…...
The Woman Warrior
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On September 9th, 2018, I was able to visit the Michael C. Carlos Museum on the campus of Emory University. The beautiful three-story building housed some amazing collections of artwork, artifacts, sculptures and videos from different places and era’s around the world. On the first floor where the information kiosk was located it was American, Greek and Roman, and Egyptian art. On the second floor, it featured the African collection. Lastly, on the third floor it featured the Egyptian feline…...
The Woman Warrior
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The novel 'Malinche' is written by the famous author Laura Natalia Esquivel, who won the one of the best New York Times best selling women author because of this. The novel has a historical role and discourse surrounding to Malinche, an indigenous woman who has been regarded as both a subject and a mythic figure in Mexican history, art, literature and language. Born to a noble family, sold as a slave by her own mother, and later passed around as…...
The Woman Warrior
Women in Literature
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Although men often prevail over women regarding superiority, women have always had to take on necessary roles in society. In works of literature, women often portray caregivers, villains, significant others, and lost individuals, inevitably impacting the outcome of the work. Beowulf and Hamlet demonstrate how women characters in literature take on imperative roles which impact other characters, thus deepening the themes of the work. In Beowulf, Grendel’s mother acts as a dominant figure due to battling the main character, Beowulf.…...
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Film All over The World Wonder Woman
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In the movie, Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons before she became Wonder Woman. Diana was trained through the beginning of the movie to be an unconquerable warrior. Being raised on a sheltered island paradise, where she lived most of her life. Diana meets an American pilot who tells her about the conflict that is raging in the outside world of paradise. He tells her about World War I. Diana convinced that she can stop the threat…...
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Maxine Hong Kingston “Woman Warrior” novel
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Traverses the lines between silence and deficiency of it in her novel The Woman Warrior. Transitioning between the traditional gender norms assigned to Chinese women and Chinese American women, Kingston tests the boundaries imposed on her gender. Speaking, or making the choice not to speak, is a common theme in Kingston’s novel, and is a uniform topic for critical analysis. In ancient Western culture, silence is associated with submissiveness. Women and children are seen as secondary objects, to be seen…...
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The Woman Warrior Essay
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Asian American women’s writing came of age in the 1970s and 1980s. Most of these women writers were middle- or upper-class, well-educated women. This fact is reflected in the development of Asian American memoir/fiction-as-theory and can be seen in the works of Maxine Hong Kingston. Maxine Hong Kingston utilizes the Chinese tradition of “talking-story” as a structuring device within her prose narratives. “Talking-story,” as its name suggests, is the female Chinese practice of telling stories, often from one generation to…...
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