The Effects of the Time Period and Culture on the Writing Style Present in Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior

The purpose of Genre Crossing: Kingston’s The Woman Warrior and its Discursive Community is to show the different way to analyze any text in a demeanor that is both sensitive in a political and cultural aspect. The author focuses on The Woman Warrior, as an example of how the time period and the culture heavily influenced the writing of the author’s writing style and the themes that are recurring in the novel. Kingston alludes to ideas such as Chinese American cultural clashes, gender inequalities due to social norms, but through multiple voices from different stories, it helps portray the idea with both sophistication and ease.

The conceptual idea behind Kingston‘s writing plan is the “genre-crossing” type of writing that shows the multiple meaning of concepts and how the interpretation varies from culture to culture.

Another aspect of have crossing genres is that there can be multiple re-readings of these stories that are told from generation from generation, each person adding or leaving out a part, just to make the story more impactfui or meaningful.

Many controversial ideas were indepthly discussed by Hsiu-chuan Lee, the author of Genre Crossing: Kingston’s The Woman Warrior and its Discursive Community, although there are some that not all would agree upon. For example, the idea that Lee brought up about how Kingston wanted to, “make some changes in the setting,” would not have been the best idea due to the fact that the setting also adds on to the meaning of the story.

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While this may be showing that editing the or modifying the stories could add an effect, this would be counterproductive in trying to reach an idea that stays parallel to the entire story as a whole, Another idea that Lee argues doesn’t have much foundation, which is that when cultural integration in becoming more popular there seems to be a sort of difficulty with these immigrants as they come to America. This may be true to the Chinese integration, but generally many cultures and races find it easy to make their way through society carrying their heritage and culture on their shoulders. The main reason that the Chinese find it the hardest is because they have to change so much to the societal views ofAmerica, due to the social ranking they experience in China.

While Lee made some arguable claims, it is vital that me also acknowledge those ideas that were very profound and make sense in context to the book’s significance. Lee makes an interesting point that could be agreed by many readers of The Woman Warrior, which is that the book, “features less a repetition of something already existing than a continuation and enlargement, if not a conversion and a distortion, of earlier stories.” Many could easily argue that this is the single most dominant aspect of Kingston’s writing, due to the fact that she uses stories, such as Fa Mu Lari, to show and explain different scenarios and ideas. This also helps to illiterate her meaning and how she displays her own discourse on unpopular cultural ideas that are often seen as normal and not challenged often enough.

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