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Hephaistos, the god I chose, is the Greek god of artillery and fire. I’ll be calling him the more common spelling of Hephaestus throughout this discussion. He stands out from the crowd with his club foot, along with his hammer and tongs of the gods. Aside from making weapons worthy of the gods and their acolytes, Hephaestus is said to have watched over all the great architects and craftsmen of Greece; he even did some feats himself, such as constructing holy palaces upon Mount Olympus! Vulcan is either his name in the Roman pantheon or his counterpart thereof.

Hephaestus was born under the watch of Hera, goddess of women and maternity and the queen of Mount Olympus, and potentially Zeus, Hera’s loyal king in addition to being the god of the sky and lightning. His siblings were the childbirth goddess Eilithyia, the goddess of youth Hebe, and the Olympian warrior god Ares.

Once upon a time, there was a master engineer named Hephaestus.

Crippled as he may be, Hephaestus drew inspiration from his fellow beings of Olympus to craft many a godly object, building, or weapon. Professor Zeus, in particular, enjoyed Hephaestus’ tireless craftsmanship on his ultrasonic bolts of lightning. Despite all this, Hephaestus hated war and preferred to keep to himself while he built his renowned structures and sacred technology. He trusted the mortals to be friendly to the gods and never blight the world so that the community of Olympus may be forced to act.

Unfortunately, the mutual affection of humans and gods couldn’t last forever, lest we have no story to tell.

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Seeing what Sir Prometheus had his servants do to various Olympian temples around the world, Sir Epimetheus–Hephaestus’ taskmaster and a former sacred engineer–grew desperate for help and warned Heph that they needed to discuss his robot maiden project. The specifications were filed under the term ‘ParaNormal Distinction and Obliteration Retainer Alpha’, or ‘PaNDORA’. The technology partners struggled day and night to finalize the blueprints and test it out–rather, test HER out.

Zeus caught wind of the ‘PaNDORA’ initiative and reluctantly gave Heph and Epimetheus the go-ahead. PaNDORA was retrofitted with ‘The Box’, a cherished weapons drive for combat amidst masses of adversaries, and deployed to strike fear into Prometheus’ armies. The life energy was split between the desecrated lands and the humans, who would then learn what centuries’ worth of reparations meant the hard way.

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