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The Truman Show Movie Analysis
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The movie, The Truman Show, depicts how society is so obsessed with fictional characters in television and movies. The idea that a television production company would create a entire false world in order to film a non suspecting Truman Burbank throughout his entire life is very disturbing. Truman has been filmed with hidden cameras and televised live since his birth, everyone in his life including his family and friends are hired actors. The world watches as he grows up, becomes…...
The Truman Show
The Truman Show Film
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In class we have been studying The Truman Show. A film where one man lives under the hands of the media. His whole life has been one lie; everything he stood for was fraud. The Truman show is self-reflexive. This means the content of the film is reflecting the media itself. The Truman Show is about a film within a film, it shows the life of one man- Truman Burbank. Hidden cameras placed within the set monitor every second of…...
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