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Pro School Uniforms
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For some years now, parents, local politicians, the school board, and about every high school student has been debating over something so small to the public but a major issue to the students. Well, all the controversy is about school uniforms and if high school students should be required to wear them. Because of their low cost, business casual appearance, and means of reducing distraction of the learning process, as a high school graduate, I feel school uniforms contribute positively…...
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School Violence
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            Concepts of juvenile delinquency and school violence are intrinsically related. School violence is a practical reflection of the processes encompassed with term “juvenile delinquency.” From the critical standpoint, juvenile delinquency or engagement of young individual in criminal behavior starts in most times at school. The public’s concern about violence in schools has been illustrated in media stories, congressional testimony, and numerous studies and reports that vividly underscore the pervasiveness of the problem. Nowhere, however,…...
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Therapeutic communication skills
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From my perspective, key therapeutic communication skills that link leadership behaviors to patient outcomes within an involuntary environment would include empathy, nonjudgment, collaboration, active listening, congruence, unconditional positive regard, and respect. It would be essential to build trust and rapport with an involuntary client. There are also seven sources of interventions that may be used when leading group in an involuntary environment. The reactance theory provides a useful framework for understanding the client who perceives themselves as being coerced into…...
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Research Paper On School Violence
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School violence is the physical, psychological or sexual abuse and all sorts of harm caused to students and teachers. School violence is the important and serious problem nowadays, because more and more students all over the world become victims of school violence. Generally, children can be hurt and abused by their classmates for different purposes and because of different reasons. For example, if the student studies well, his classmates envy him and do everything possible to reduce his prestige, to…...
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Workplace Violence in the Workplace Sector: A Literature Review
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Workplace violence is an emerging phenomenon that should be investigated. The nature of such violence and how it is affecting the workplace. The nature of workplace violence, the different methods being used to do it and how it affects the workers and their relationship with each other should be looked into.Historical Context of Workplace ViolenceV. Bowie[1] provides an overview of workplace violence by looking at the history of corporations and companies in the past thirty years. The material he produced…...
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