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Gang Violence in US
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Gang violence in the 90’s was a hard thing to be around for any age. Many people did not have a choice of what path they could follow. Most people in that environment dealt with peer pressure, children choosing a life risking path, parents losing their children,and some growing into a bad home. So many of the children around that kind of environment would look up to bad role models. Many would see their friends join gangs for the status…...
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Rising Gun Crime and Gang Violence Issue
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Chicago is a city in Illinois in the United States. Chicago is famous for its gangs in the souther suburb areas. Nowadays, there are 59 active street gangs all around the community of Chicago. Introduction Polices are estimating that there are around 100,000 gang members in the city. Furthermore, 80 suburban police department responded to a Chicago Crime Commission survey that there are gangs in their communities. The biggest three gangs are the Gangster Disciples, Latin Kings and the Black…...
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Gang Violence Research Paper
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Academic Search Premier Obscenest (accessed July 21 , 2014) In this article the authors focus on limiting or disentangling youth gang membership. They also talk about the violence associated with youth gang members. They explain and give data that supports violent and nonviolent offenses committed by youth gang members. Youths that report gang membership whether female or male experience some type of violence throughout their adolescence years. This article basically promotes how strongly gangs influence youths and how life situations…...
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Gang Violence
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Gang violence has been threatening the progression of our society due to the fear that has been put into everyone’s eyes. In Salinas CA now in days whenever people hear the police car sirens, the first thought that comes into their mind is someone got shot. Gang violence is not just an issue in Salinas; gang violence is known to be an issue all over the world. Gang violence seems to be increasing all over the world throughout the years,…...
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Youth and gang violence
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Gang violence refers to all activities that result to psychological, emotional, physical and cultural harm to individuals, public or damage to property. Youth gangs refer to a group of at least two individuals between the age of 12 and 24 years who have a common character, use the same clothing, symbols, and even colors. They come from the same area, and form a very strong membership that performs various illegal activities together. Gang names and membership involve initiatory rituals that…...
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