School violence is the physical, psychological or sexual abuse and all sorts of harm caused to students and teachers. School violence is the important and serious problem nowadays, because more and more students all over the world become victims of school violence. Generally, children can be hurt and abused by their classmates for different purposes and because of different reasons. For example, if the student studies well, his classmates envy him and do everything possible to reduce his prestige, to make him study worse, etc.

Moreover, there is a problem with disabled students or the students who suffer from various psychological diseases or disorders and are not like the rest of students. Naturally, children do not like those ones who differ in something from the rest. As a result these students are abused in different ways. School violence is closely connected with street gangs, because some students are the members of these gangs and they hurt children at school stealing money or threaten children.

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The impact of school violence is extremely negative, because it causes psychological problems to the children who have been the victims of abuse. If a child faces the problem of violence, he will probably have low self-esteem, frequent depressions, stress, problems with sleeping and appetite.

The phenomenon of school violence can be explained very easily: the children are bored and they have too much free time. If teachers simply make the educational process more intensive, the children would forget about violence and will not have time for such things.

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The topic of school violence is quite the urgent one because of the parents’ incompetence and lack of knowledge about the proper bringing up of their children. Parents do not pay attention to the preferences and interests of their children and as a result they become the source of school violence. A student who has chosen to research this topic in detail should be ready to spend much time on the process of data collection and analysis. One should prove that the topic is a serious one, explain the cause of the problem and its consequences and share the effective solutions with the professor. If the research proposal is a successful one and it has sense and logic, the student will be permitted to conduct great research on school violence.

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