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Free essays on Saudi Arabia are educational resources that provide valuable insights into the socio-cultural, economic, political, and environmental aspects of this Middle Eastern country. These essays cover a wide range of topics, including the history of Saudi Arabia, its Islamic culture and traditions, the impact of oil exploration and production on the country's economy, the status of women in Saudi society, and the country's foreign policy and relations with other nations. Free essays on Saudi Arabia are written by scholars, experts, and students and are available online for individuals seeking knowledge and understanding about this unique country.
The Many Characteristics of Saudi Arabia 
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Saudi Arabia is culturally, politically, and economically different from other countries around the world; this also includes how the family, education, and military systems work. All of these aspects are implemented with strict Islamic laws; these laws are to be respected, but if not they will be punished. Exploring these different customs and practices shows how they live in a completely different strict and harsher mindset from Americans or any other culture in the world. They all must publicly practice…...
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Report of Saudi Arabia
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Ghawar is an oil field located in Al-Ahsa Governorate, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. It covers an area of 280 by 30 km (174 by 19 mi), it is by far the largest conventional oil field in the world, and accounts for roughly a third of the cumulative oil production of Saudi Arabia as of 2018. Ghawar is entirely owned and operated by the National Oil Company in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco. In April 2019, the company first published its profit…...
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Schism In Saudi Arabia
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he author, who is a professor emeritus at the University of Bayreuth, uses a variety of sources among which books, unpublished documents, human rights reports, magazines and newspaper articles, as well as interviews with Saudi officials and members of Shi'a organizations. He uses this data to study the evolution of Shi'ite opposition in Saudi Arabia since the 1979 Shi'ite uprisings. He pays particular attention to the reform movement which brought issues of political liberty and freedom of religion to the…...
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Pollution In Bahrain
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Introduction Bahrain is located on the South shores of Arabian Gulf . It lays in between latitudes 25 and 26 North and longitude 50 and 51 East . The country is km off the Eastern Coast of Saudi Arabia and slightly further from the Western coast of the Qatar Peninsula . The country is linked with Saudi Arabia through the King Faded causeway which was opened in November 1986 . The state comprises of 36 islands with a area of…...
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Assignment CoversheetWR800 Wellness and Rehabilitation
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Assignment CoversheetWR800 Wellness and Rehabilitation PrinciplesAssignment 1: Essay – Contemporary Approaches to Wellness and RehabilitationAssessment Number: OneDate Due: 6 September 2019Student ID Number: 2019009523Declaration• The work presented in this assignment is my own work.• I did the reading and planning.• I wrote the whole assignment• I have acknowledged the use of other people’s work.• I am unaware of any factors or circumstances that would impair my performance in this examination or assessment.Signed:Date Submitted:Date Received:?Summative Assignment OneWR 800“Al Hijamah in Saudi…...
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First Official Saudi Movie: WADJDA
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The following sample essay on First Official Saudi Movie: WADJDA. WADJDA is the first official Saudi movie. Wadjda is a Saudi girl whose dream is to ride a bicycle and challenge her neighbor Abdullah. The main idea of this movie is to show how women in Saudi Arabia struggle and fight for their rights because of the strict religious rules. I wanted to write about this movie because I believe that the reason behind the difficulties that women are facing…...
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Saudi Arabian Culture
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Culture can be defined by the set of value, beliefs, rules, and institutions held by a specific group of people (Wild et al, 2009, p50). It also can be simply understood by a large group of people who have a shared knowledge system. It can also be said that culture is learned, interrelated, shared by all and defines boundaries (Hall, 1977, p 16). In this case, the Saudi Arabian culture mainly revolves around the religion of Islam and its laws…...
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