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The Usefulness of the Azerbaijani Units to Education
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Pages • 3
If we comment on the units in general, it is emphasized that the lesson units applied in Azerbaijan can be used in real life and attained real life facilitation behaviors. Just by looking at the unit headers, we can see how clearly this is emphasized, In other words, I can say that in the educational system of Azerbaijan, the principle of closeness to life is applied more. Likewise, by looking at the names of the Azerbaijani units and the Turkish…...
Services for Azerbaijan’s Environment & Ecosystem
Words • 646
Pages • 3
Solar energy, Earth's interior temperature, mineral resources, water, climate, soil, vegetation, and wildlife is essential for humanity, are the main pans of the ecosystem Human itself is also a part of nature, In this paper, different services providing benefits to our environment/ecosystem throughout my hometown - Azerbaijan will be highlighted. First 7 Provisioning services. Let’s start with the close connection between agricultural production and its environmental benefits on our ecosystem. Environmentally sound agricultural production is a sustainable way of developing…...
Azerbaijan As Part Of the International Community
Words • 704
Pages • 3
The delegation of Azerbaijan would like to start off by commending the previous countries for their excellent speeches. The country of Azerbaijan was found by gaining independence from Russia, so obviously we strongly support the right to self-determination. Also, seeing as how this right is one of the articles specified by the United Nations, article 15 to be exact, Azerbaijan sees no reason as to why we should be opposing this right In terms of the Israeli-Palestine conflict, Azerbaijan strongly…...
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Central Asia Program – Azerbaijan
Words • 886
Pages • 4
Allow me first, to express my deepest gratitude to The George Washington University – Elliott School of International Affairs Central Asia Program (CAP) for its Central Asia – Azerbaijan Fellowship Program. I would like to apply for Central Asia – Azerbaijan Fellowship Program because I want to write about the theme “Transformation of Media in Tajikistan”. I am Akbar Vatanshoev from Tajikistan Dushanbe. Since childhood, I had a deep interest to learn foreign languages, especially English. Evidently, a good grasp…...
Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan and Islamic Party of Azerbaijan
Words • 1228
Pages • 5
Ideas, Networks, Islamist Movements (2007) by Cathleen Collins is informative and insightful because the author studies Islamist movements that are not exclusive to the Arab world, as is often assumed. The article focuses on the successes and failures of these movements in mobilizing and growing, regardless of the political and religious conditions of the region. The author compares and analyzes three Islamist organizations in Central Asia and South Caucasus regions of the former Soviet Union. The article has two research…...
Azerbaijan Army
Words • 570
Pages • 3
Lately, there are a lot of discussions about the reform of the army in Azerbaijan, which are tending to change the concept and original system of military service. However, those discussions are not that significant, and regardless of statistics, it seems like everything is going to be the same. This issue is going to be considered based on sociological data and personal point of view. My goal is to persuade people to follow me, but not to force people. As a…...
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