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Spa Influencer: Sonu Shivdasani
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Sonu Shivdasani did not seek out the hospitality industry. He did not purposefully become an environmental pioneer in Maldivian hospitality, resorts, and spas. Shivdasani studied at Eton College, Le Rosey in Switzerland, and later graduated from Oxford University with a degree in English Literature. After graduation, he managed his family business- a multi-million dollar Nigerian trading corporation- with his brother in Geneva . In 1985, 21-year old Sonu went to the Monaco Grand Prix. It was here that he would…...
Indian CultureMaldives
Socio Economic Indicator Of South Asian Countries
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The socio economy indicate the living standards of people in any country or any region. It helps the states to focus on the weaknesses and strength of its region and it also helps in policy formulation. South Asia as a region is of utmost important and has been emerged as a fastest growing economy of the world. South Asia as a whole shares a common history of colonization under Britishers. After independence, these countries were left poor with high mortality…...
MaldivesSocio Economic Status
Underwater Destinations – a Hot Tourist Trend
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Underwater Restaurants and Resorts Article Possible Headlines: Underwater Destinations - a Hot Tourist Trend Underwater Getaways a Hit with Tourists Taking a Vacation Underwater The Most Popular Tourist Attractions are Underwater The Most Popular Vacations are Underwater Some Tourists Prefer a Totally Immersive Experience Possible background? Underwater vacations and getaways have become more popular in recent years, along with occasional jaunts for experienced divers that include weddings and parties under the sea. Millions of tourists flock annually to remote regions…...
Easter IslandMaldives
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Wealth Of The Maldives
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The country of Maldives was established in the middle of the Indian ocean and the country was influenced by many other cultures like the Indians, Malaysians, Persians, and even African Americans. This big cultural mix is what makes the richness of Maldives. The Maldivian culture is very prosperous and spirited because of the fact that they include many other elements of other cultures into theirs. The Maldives were very culturally influenced by many others and through that it had grown…...
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