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A Must Visit Costa Rica
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Well, with its signature mountainous terrains and incredible natural sceneries; Costa Rica is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Behind its magnificent natural splendor, however, lies an incredibly diverse town called Turrialba. Costa Rica harbors various exquisite touring sites, however, if you want to experience it at a whole new level, visit Turrialba. Seriously it is one of Costa Rica's concealed tourist paradises. So, to surprise you're loved ones with some memorable adventure with some local seasoning; Turrialba is…...
Costa RicaNationalism
Case Study Analyzing an Intel Solution
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The case study attempt to analyze the Intel’s decision to move to small country in Central America, which is Costa Rica. The issue that emerge is the impact on the Costa Rican economy of Intel’s decision to move into that country in 1997. It is noticed that Costa Rica is a small country with a bottleneck in the realm of infrastructure, whose elimination required a good deal of political and financial effort. Shortcomings were noted in power generation and distribution,…...
Case StudyCosta Rica
Crocodile Safari in Costa Rica
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I don’t know about you guys, but I grew up watching Steve Irwin AKA the Crocodile Hunter. I loved him, and he was an absolute legend (Rest in Peace). So naturally a couple months back when I decided to go to Costa Rica and heard rumors there were crocodiles, I begin to reminisce about my childhood watching Steve Irwin. Now excited. I begin to vigorously search “Best place to see crocodiles in Costa Rica” and sure enough I get a…...
Costa RicaRiver
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How Visionary Nonprofits Leaders Are Learning to Enhance Management Capabilities
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The article by Daniel Stid and Jeffrey Bradach, titled "How visionary nonprofits leaders are learning to enhance management capabilities" offers several valuable guidelines for managers. Upfront, it makes a distinction between the leadership styles of business organizations and nonprofits. In the latter, the prime thrust behind management activities are the leader’s (who is also usually the founder) charisma and personal appeal. As a result, efficiency and optimization are not usually the strong points. Given the small size of nonprofits and…...
CapitalismCosta RicaEconomyLeadership
Costa Rican Dance
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In Costa Rica, dance is a very popular past time Costa Ricans find themselves doing throughout the year. The dances and type of music performed depends on the many cities you’ll find yourself in. Each region has its own popular dance; from traditional folk dance to current American influenced dances like pop and disco music. In the city of Guanacaste, it is found that traditional folk dancing is more popular. Traditional folk dancing is a type of dance in which…...
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Costa Rica Research Paper
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Costa Rica Costa Rica is a small, mountainous country in Central America. It is bordered by Nicaragua on the north, the Caribbean Sea and Panama on the east, and the Pacific Ocean on the south and west. A chain of rugged mountains stretches across central Costa Rica from northwest to southeast. A few of the highest peaks in this chain are active volcanoes. Tropical forests grow on the country’s coastal lowlands. In the Early 1500 Spanish explores arrived in the…...
CommunicationCosta Rica
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How Visionary Nonprofits Leaders Are Learning to Enhance Management Capabilities
...In my opinion, I don’t think Rawlings’ operations in Costa Rica are exploitative. The very nature of capitalist enterprise is such that cost efficiency is a major driver of business. To criticize Rawlings for doing what it is legally mandated to ...
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