Azerbaijan As Part Of the International Community

The delegation of Azerbaijan would like to start off by commending the previous countries for their excellent speeches. The country of Azerbaijan was found by gaining independence from Russia, so obviously we strongly support the right to self-determination. Also, seeing as how this right is one of the articles specified by the United Nations, article 15 to be exact, Azerbaijan sees no reason as to why we should be opposing this right In terms of the Israeli-Palestine conflict, Azerbaijan strongly believes that we as the United Nations should allow Palestine to become a member of the UN.

Although America says that we should not allow this to occur because they believe that we should just let them fight it out, the United Nations can not, will not, and should notjust sit around watching Israelis kill innocent Palestinians by the hundreds everyday.

This organization was formed to promote peace throughout the world and by allowing Palestine to become a member of this organization and recognizing it as a state, we will be doing just that.

-founded by gaining independence from Russia so we as the delegation of Azerbaijan strongly support this right Palestine should have a spot in the united nations despite America blocking them -America says that we should not allow Palestine a spot in the United Nations because it we should just let them fight it out. But we can’t allow Palestine and Israel to just fight it out because as you know, Israel is Winning and they are virtually unstoppable unless someone comes in and fights against them.

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Palestine has no military and political support and the whole country is in major turmoil.

They are in no condition to just ‘fight it out’ and see who wins. Since the beginning of the conflict in September 29, 2000, about 1104 israelis have died and about 6.836 palestinians died. Thats about a 1:6 ratio which clearly shows that Palestinians clearly have no chance of winning against Israel. Also. in order for Palestine and Israel to just fight it out, they need weapons and military support which they clearly do not have. This is exactly why the United Nations needs to give a spot to Palestine so that they can fight it out. In addition to that, the United Nations is built to promote peace and clearly. we are doing just the opposite of that. In order to follow the morals that this organization was built on, we need to allow palestine a spot in the U.N. and help them solve their seemingly neverending conflict. America also states that giving U.N. support to Palestine will cause turmoil in the Arab lands. But the thing is. those lands are already in major turmoil.

With Arab spring and all the revolutions and massacres occurring. it can’t possibly be worse than that. solving the Israeli- Palestine conflict is the first step that the United Nations should take to promote peace and welfare in Islamic lands. and as I have stated before. the sole purpose of the UN. is to promote peace and by allowing Palestine to be recognized as a state, we will be doing just that. Elections Monitoring: The delegation of Azerbaijan commends the previous countries for their excellent speeches. Azerbaijan like most of the international community believes that elections monitoring is vital for a fair and productive election.

However, some countries still have unfair elections even though they have election monitors to watch over them, Azerbaijan has some experience with unfair elections in the past as well and we are eager to try and solve this issue. In order to create a more fair election system, we propose that countries start using electronic voting systems like the Philippines have been doing since 2010. The Philippines states that this new type of voting was effective and lead to a fair and smooth election. By using this method. we will decrease the use of election monitors that could be biased and thus forming a more reliable election monitoring system. Azerbaijan looks forward to working with other nations with problems regarding unfair elections. Thank you Azerbaijan has election monitoring but the monitors believe that the elections are highly unfair and resulted in many presidents that were not the best candidates like President Ilham Aliyev.

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